MNSF #16. Closing Out The Day With An Amazing Trio of Teen Blonds in Shorts

I had pulled off a second abbreviated day at the 2009 Minnesota State Fair on a sunny Sunday during Labor Day weekend, and the day was going very well.  Nonetheless, I was approaching the final 20 minutes of the day before the agreed-upon departure time at 6 p.m. and I still hadn’t had an epic sighting that day or on any of my trips to the Minnesota State Fair in 2009 for that matter.  But the girls of the MNSF would come through in the clutch.

I was heading southbound from the grandstand area to the beer gardens. Approaching me was a trio of teenage girls, all very wholesome-looking and not particularly raising my radar as potential smokers as our footsteps continued to draw us closer to one another. The girl on the left dominated my attention because she was so beautiful, about 16 with the face of an angel and curly blond hair with pinkish streaks flowing past her shoulders, wearing an ultrafeminine pink tanktop and an equally feminine pair of white shorts. She began to rummage around in her purse, but I’d been seeing girls like her rummage around in their purses for cell phones all day and it was gonna be the same story with this girl, I told myself….But just in case, I looked over my shoulder as she passed me to see if maybe, just maybe, she was gonna be the one wholesome-looking teen beauty queen I would see all day who retrieved something from her purse that wasn’t a cell phone. I remember saying to myself in a state of near shock, “Oh my God!” as her left hand extracted a pack of Marlboro Smooths and I quickly turned around……

I made a point of walking in front of them briefly to get a closer look. There was a definite pecking order to their beauty. The blond was by far the prettiest looking like an absolute angel, while the tall girl in the middle was modestly attractive, and the girl on the opposite end was a plain jane, with obvious acne issues covered up by a thick layer of makeup. After sufficiently viewing their faces, I held back to follow them once again. They may have had varying quality to their 16-year-old faces, but all had equally impressive bodies to observe from the rear, all decked out in shorts. After about 10-15 seconds of these general observations, the beautiful teen blond finally got around to inserting the cigarette into her mouth. She let that thing dangle unlit from the corner of her mouth for a good 20 seconds while digging through her purse, apparently unable to find her lighter. She then had to recruit the least attractive friend to find a different lighter in her own purse, which she soon did. At last, this beauty had everything she needed to spark up her cigarette….

She brought that thing to life and started dragging. The look of pleasure on that pretty face as she filled her bloodstream with desperately needed nicotine made my heart melt, but as I was taking in this amazing display, she managed to catch me off guard again by removing the cigarette from her mouth and then hacking up a lugie so large and juicy that it literally splashed when it hit the pavement.  As I walked past it, I had to admire that generous pool of saliva deposited from her gorgeous smoky mouth.

She took a couple more drags, both with impressive frequency and better-than-expected volume to her exhales coming from a girl so young. At this point, she handed the cigarette to the tall girl in the middle who got her first drag. She then stood there with the cigarette in hand for nearly a minute before finally taking her next drag. The hot chick, having none of this lengthy spans between drags by her friend, all but swiped the cigarette from the other girl’s hand after that second drag and then took three rapid-fire drags of her own. It was a thing of absolute beauty to behold.

Naturally, a sighting would normally have been best if all three had been smoking, but the dynamic of this specific shared-cigarette sighting added to its allure. The primary reason is that the hottest of the two girls smoked about 80% of the cigarette and completely upstaged the taller girl. The third girl who provided the lighter, strangely enough, never got her hands on the cigarette. It was just the two prettier girls. I was in a position to walk directly behind the cluster of girls at points, taking in a few of their exhales directly into my face and admiring from closeup their trio of perfect teenage asses bouncing and wiggling in their skimpy shorts with each step, with flawless legs extending from those shorts without even a trace of cellulite on them. At other points, I would move more to their right side and observe their drags and exhales. Again, the beautiful blonde upstaged the tall light brunette friend on both fronts.  Damn she was sexy.

After dominating the cigarette for most of the walk, the blond handed over the cigarette to the tall friend for the last two drags. She would take those two drags and then crush out the cigarette under her flip-flop. I was a little surprised to see it was a cork filter as I walked past as I always thought Marlboro Smooths were all-whites. I have not been able to get the image of those three teenage butts wiggling in front of me, especially the white-shorted ass that belonged to my favorite sighting of the 2009 Minnesota State Fair.

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4 Responses to MNSF #16. Closing Out The Day With An Amazing Trio of Teen Blonds in Shorts

  1. Sandy says:

    Hi Mark: I first posted on this site about 9 months ago. My 2 best friends and I, 15 and 16 years old, had started smoking and bleached our hair blonde over the summer. Well, the school year has been a blast. We are still blonde, in fact we have bleached our hair white blonde. Of course, we still smoke, our habit growing daily. Our group has grown to 6, and our requirement for joining our group is a girl has to have a cute figure, be popular, be a bleached white blond, or willing to become one, and be a smoker. One of our members has been having trouble with her parents. They don’t like her white hair and smoking. She is still blonde, but has had to resort to sneak smoking. It’s too bad as she was becoming addicted to her cigs. We have been keeping her supplied, but she will likely get caught because she smells like cigs. If she has to drop out, we will replace her with one of the several girls that smoke and have bleached their hair to be like us.

    As for me, I have moved up to Marlboro Red’s because they are stronger with more nicotine. I smoke a pack or more a day during the school week and 2 or more packs on weekends. I have no trouble getting my cigs as my mother has gone blonde and started smoking. She says she has wanted to do both since she was my age, and watching me enjoy myself caused her to take the plunge. She is only smoking Salems, but buys me my Marlboro Reds. My Dad thinks we are both crazy, but puts up with us smoking in front of him all the time.

    Two of my boyfriends this past year have become smokers. My current boyfriend is captain of our football team. He says I turn him on because I look so sexy smoking with my bleached hair. We were making out one night and he asked to smoke one of my cigs. That was his beginning. He now smokes about 10 a day, and seems well on the way to becoming addicted. Hey, the big jock football captain becoming a smoker, all thanks to little blond smoking me. How hot is that.

    There must be other young girls out there with similar stories. I would love to hear them.


    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Hey Sandy. I certainly remember you from last year and welcome you back. I know your friends are 15 and 16 but how old are you again? I’m guessing similar in age. Sorry to hear one of your friends is being hassled by her parents about smoking but it’s good to hear she’s undeterred and is still lighting up. I can just imagine how incredibly sexy you look smoking your Marlboro Reds so heavily. What was your previous brand? Wild that you got mom started and that dad is fine with both of you smoking? He’s a lucky man to live in that house!

      Your boyfriend is also a lucky man. How long have you been going out and how long since he started smoking? Cute that you taught him to smoke and that you smoke so much more than him. Thanks again for contributing and feel free to share more whenever you like.


  2. Sandy says:

    Hi Mark: Thanks for responding to my post so soon. I’ll fill you in some more on my smoking. I am now 16. The original 3 members of the Blonde Smoking Sluts ( I know it is a strange name for our group, but it has taken our school by rage) Started smoking about 2 years ago. We smoked anything we could get, even cig butts. One of the girls would steal a pack from her mom, every now and then. But it was difficult to stay supplied, much less develop a smoking habit.

    Last year I had a boy friend that was 18, so he would buy me cigs sometimes. He bought me a pack of Marlboro Reds and I became hooked on them. When my mom went blonde and started smoking, my worries were over. She has become my “cig angel”, buying me a carton of Marlboro Reds every week. I smoke almost the entire carton in a week.

    With going to school, regular smoking is a challenge.. I smoke before school and the “sluts” have found several places to smoke at school between class. I think the teachers know about us, but have decided not to make an issue of our smoking on school grounds. After school, we all light up and I smoke many more cigs before bed. My mom even lets me smoke in my room.

    I’m proud to be an addicted smoker, love my white blonde smoking friends and look forward to school being out for the summer so we can put on our short shorts and visit the mall and other spots while smoking. It is quite a scene with several good looking blondes smoking. We get a lot of looks from older people who are surprised to see such young girls smoking openly. We just love doing it.


    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Were you the first smoker in your clique of “sluts”, Sandy? Very hot that you smoke a carton of Reds a week. Wish you lived in my neighborhood because if you did I can assure you that your sightings would make my blog! Think you’ll be satisfied with your current smoking level or do you figure you’ll smoke even more heavily in the years ahead? And do any of your friends smoke as much or more than you?

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