MNSF #158. Blond Dressed In White Finishes Smoking While Friends Go To The Bathroom

I scored a wizbang litany of extra-base hits on Day 1 of the 2012 Minnesota State Fair, and actually soldiered through an afternoon rain storm not wanting to miss out on what I figured would be a tremendous Saturday evening crowd full of smokers.  By and large, those evening hours were a huge disappointment, but I did walk away with one great sighting in the mid-evening hours that night….

Gravitating towards the beer gardens where sightings are usually the most prolific after dark, I didn’t even make it there before spotting a large group of stylish and glamorous early 20s gals.  I circled their group looking for smokers and found only one.  The good news is that least from a presentation standpoint, she was the girl who stood out in that crowd.  She was a curly-haired blond going for an all-white theme with a white tanktop and a very sexy pair of white shorts advertising her awesome ass.  Everything about her presentation was a perfect 10, but the face, while cute, didn’t quite live up to the look as I’d rate it about an 8.5.  The other girls in the group of about eight were razzing the smoker about something as they drifted to a fairly obscure bathroom.  Every single one of the girls went inside to the bathroom except the blond smoker who held back for obvious reasons.

I hadn’t really gotten to watch her smoke up to that point, struggling to find a good vantage point.  But as I found an open bench and she stood there all alone, I suddenly had plenty of opportunity to watch her smoke…and she was impressive taking deep drags with solid exhales, but what impressed most was her hold times which drug on for as many as seven seconds.  This became even more noticeable when one of the friends came out from the bathroom and started talking to her.  The blond would take a drag, hold it for 7-8 seconds while talking, and then turn her head to expel the smoke that practically bought a condo inside her black lungs.  I watched her smoke the whole thing and the friends were taking forever to leave the bathroom.  She finished the cigarette and crushed it out.  After a few more minutes, they finally wandered off allowing me to identify the butt.  It was another Marlboro 27.

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