MNSF #157. Emerging Sunlight Prompts Sexy Smoker Girl Duo To Disrobe Surplus Clothing

On my first day at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair, I had a spectacular morning followed by a ho-hum afternoon.  The sunshine went under the clouds right around the time the sightings terrain got mediocre, but both the sun and the smokers starting coming out again at the onset of evening with this two-for-one I scored near the International Bazaar.

A group of five college-age kids that included three guys and two girls was standing there, with both girls wielding freshly lit cigarettes.  The first girl was a light brunette wearing a striped top with attractive green and white plaid shorts covering her impressive bottom.  Her friend was a dark brunette with straight shoulder length hair wearing a brown sweatshirt and jean shorts.  Both girls were impressive, but I had a soft spot for the dark brunette.  I walked by en route to a better vantage point and heard the light brunette tell the dark brunette, “These are the Crushes where they become menthol if you squeeze the filter” and the other girl responding in a way that she knew what they were.

It seemed likely that the light brunette was the cigarette supplier which made sense because she was the better smoker of the two, taking longer and more frequent drags.  But the dark brunette had her moments too, with some nice cloudy combination mouth and nose exhales that proved she was the real deal.  Meanwhile, there was one guy in the group who was smoking, although he was a very slow smoker, completely getting upstaged by the two cuties.  The light brunette finished her cigarette in just a few minutes and dropped the butt to the ground.  They were thoughtful enough to gravitate a little distance away in the moments ahead allowing me to identify the discarded butt as one of the new cork filter Camel Crush Bolds.  I’m not sure what the difference is between them and the traditional Camel Crushes….

Anyway, the sighting pressed on with the dark brunette, who had a real distinctive look about her, had one final ace up her sleeve to keep this sighting interesting.  With the sun out again, it had gotten too hot for that brown sweatshirt she was wearing, so she handed her cigarette to the nonsmoking guy next to her (the way they interacted led me to believe he was her boyfriend) while she proceeded to take the sweatshirt off, revealing a thin see-through white top and a visible black bra underneath.  The nonsmoking boyfriend stood there for at least a minute, forced to hold on to his girlfriend’s stinky smoldering cigarette before she retook possession of it and smoked it very close to the filter.  She dropped it to the ground and crushed it out.  It was only 20 minutes until 7:00 and I had to get going.

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