MNSF #124. Badass Blond Illegally Smokes In Dining Area And On Concourse

The mid-afternoon hours of Day 1 of the 2018 Minnesota State Fair were about to start getting really good as I headed to the east side of the grandstand and was caught off-guard in the moments before one of my three favorite sightings of the day….

The smoking area east of the grandstand was full of people, and every one of them was middle-aged and unattractive. That happens several times I come upon one of the smoking areas and it always makes me despair the aging demographics of smokers. I was demoralized and heading west towards the smoking area on the other side of the grandstand, but immediately next to the smoking area is a fajita food stand that has several standing tables providing fairgoers a place to set their food while they eat. The last thing I expected was to see a cloudburst of toxic cigarette smoke explode from a female respiratory system at one of these standing tables full of people eating, but that’s exactly what I did see with this trio of two guys and a girl who must have stopped for fajitas before the blond (and only the blond) decided she wanted a cigarette for dessert, smoking restrictions and basic manners be damned…..

She was a sexpot too, a dark blond with shoulder-length hair decked out in a gray tanktop and snug medium-blue jean shorts with a pair of badass sunglasses complementing the image. I’d guess she was about 22. They didn’t stay put at that fajita stand for long though and would eventually start walking eastward through the very dense crowds on Dan Patch Avenue. The blond didn’t concern herself with violating smoking restrictions at the fajita stand’s seating area and continued to not concern herself as she strutted down the street with cigarette in hand, intermittently dragging and exhaling in the company of these nonsmoking guys who had to have been at least a little self-conscious of being in the company of this scofflaw blond. I followed and had my camera working overtime taking some decent photos of her in motion. I cut off the top of her head in the one pic I got of her dragging but collectively I managed a pretty good series of pics of her considering the crowd, including a holding shot from behind that really shows off her ass working those jean shorts….

They were heading towards The Garden building where the crowd was particularly dense and at some point I noticed this insanely hot dark brunette had joined them. Perhaps she’d been waiting for them and was the girlfriend of whichever of the guys was not fucking the blond. If anything, the brunette was even hotter than the blond, slender and tanned with long dark hair flowing down her back, decked out in a very low-cut top that barely covered her boobs along with a pair of tight jean shorts and some very long legs. I took a mental note of this brunette but my primary interest remained that blond who was so boldly smoking what was left of her cork-filter cigarette. But when I finally spotted the blond again in the crowd, the cigarette was nowhere to be seen! That kind of surprised me because it wasn’t gone yet and I’d figured I’d have noticed if she had dropped it. But then I put together what happened to the cigarette…the brunette got it!! She was stopping on the curb leading up to the entry to The Garden and taking a final drag from the cigarette. I didn’t get the drag on camera but I got a sweet holding shot and was pretty pleased with myself for doing so. The brunette dropped the cigarette and crushed it out before following the rest of the group into The Garden. The littered cigarette butt was a Marlboro 27 Blend. There was plenty to love about this sighting but perhaps most of all I loved that these two hot girls were both smoking in the company of guys who didn’t appear to be smokers.

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