MNSF #11. Towering, Heavy-Smoking Blond In Daisy Dukes Emasculates Male Companions

It was mid-afternoon on Day 1 at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair and I was on the southwest side of the beer gardens block having a sensory overload moment, nailing one great sighting after another after another, as in walking away from one great sighting on two occasions in a couple of minutes because something else delicious popped up only a few feet away. And I’m really grateful I walked away from each of them as doing so led me to my best sighting of 2017….

I saw this jean-shorted ass from behind and a cigarette next to it that looked spectacular and I just had to check it out. I approached the girl hoping she lived up to the expectation that her first-rate rear view had given me….and if anything she exceeded those expectations with the kind of gorgeous face you’re lucky to see a couple of times a day on a smoker girl, tanned with glowingly wholesome features radiating IT factor. I would guess she’s about 22 or 23, with dark blond hair flowing onto a white country girl blouse and pale blue daisy dukes with long smooth legs flowing out of them, standing with three guy friends with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. And while it was clear the second I laid eyes on her from behind that she was vertically endowed, it was only after seeing her in the context of these guy friends she was standing next to that I realized just what a tall drink of water this chick was, towering a good three inches above the heads of any of the males in her group. Now I might be a little too insecure with my manhood to date a girl well over six feet tall (oh who am I kidding…I’d date this piece of ass in a second if given the chance!), but I still find them sexy as hell if they have good bodies, and this girl more than qualified. She was so tall that it was hilariously hard to frame her in my pics, but I managed to nail her mid-drag twice and was standing close enough that I was able to tell by the lines on the cigarette that it was a Camel Crush.

As for her smoking style, she gets all A’s there too!!! Apparently it takes longer for nicotine to travel through her giant body because she was beating the hell out that cigarette to compensate, taking very frequent and very intense drags, putting the filter on that cigarette to work to deliver nicotine to the furthest reaches of her expansive female form. Most beautiful, however, were her exhales. They were all so thick and dense that if you saw her from afar without cigarette in hand that you’d figure she was exhaling from a vaporizer rather than an analog cigarette. Sometimes she should would tilt her head up and release those blasts skyward, and it was a pretty short trip to the stars from where she stood! I took a bench right around the corner from the trash can next to where she stood, and while the trash can obstructed my further attempts at photos, I did get a good look at the rest of her smoking show and it never stopped being sublime matching that face and that body to intense cigarette smoking in a way that’s delightfully rare in the year 2017. As quickly and intensely as she was smoking, the show ended in a few short minutes, and she knelt down to the pavement (long trip!) to crush out the cigarette and throw the butt in the trash. I was a little annoyed she didn’t just pollute the butt but I was thrilled with everything I saw.

More than an hour passed and I was venturing to the beer gardens block again. At no point in the day did my mind stray too far from that tall blond in the jean shorts smoking with her male friends, and I allowed my mind to entertain the hope that I just might see her again. Well luck was on my side as there she was, seated on a bench in the same general area just outside the beer gardens, once again with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Unfortunately, she was near the end of this cigarette and I only got to see a couple of drags, but unlike her careful disposal of the previous butt, this one got dropped to the curb directly in front of where she sat. I attempted a few more pics but this batch ended up blurry. She was only sitting there a couple more minutes before the group ventured back towards the beer gardens, but I was able to positively ID her discarded butt as a Camel Crush as I had previously expected. Disappointing encore, you say? Don’t worry….she’s just getting started!

Right around 6:00, a most unfortunate cloudburst disrupted the day at a lousy time with torrential rain falling for about 10 minutes, eating away my great momentum from the late afternoon. But when the storm clouds passed around 6:00, I ventured back in the direction of the beer gardens block. Having seen my tall country cutie with the Camel Crushes twice already on the west side of the beer gardens, every time I approached the area from that point forward, the thought crossed my mind that she might be back. And lo and behold, she was. No telling how long she and her guy friends had suffered without their nicotine during the rain, but they were making up for lost time now with freshly lit cigarettes in tow. Every time my eyes landed on this girl I was temporarily breathless by her beauty and the perfect feminine presentation she was delivering. My camera phone had quit working for a while but I fixed the problem during the rain, and was damn glad I did because I went nuts with the camera and scored a good dozen pics of varying quality (some were amazing!) capturing this girl holding her cigarette near her face, dragging, and simply laughing in the company of her beer-swilling male companions with her shapely body on full display. The only shot I wish I’d have gotten but didn’t was from the aftermath of those deep drags she took where the smoke poured out of her gorgeous face as if an air-tight seal had been broken and delivered a blast of oxygen to a raging indoor inferno. As dark and ominous as those storm clouds were earlier, the cancerous clouds emerging from her mouth at nearly the same altitude as the storm clouds were just as spooky. I waited her out until she finished the cigarette, and like the last one, she littered this one on the wet ground, the smoldering butt giving off an odd-looking haze as it combusted on the drenched pavement. If there was any doubt at all that this girl was my best sighting of the day an hour earlier, this third sighting sealed the deal.

I didn’t want to stray too far from the grandstand during the 6:00 hour because smokers tend to stock up on nicotine outside the grandstand before heading into the concert which starts around 8:00. That evening’s grandstand act was country singer Toby Keith, who seemed like a good bet to draw a decently favorable, if slightly older-skewing, demographic. I approached the east side of the grandstand and got yet another surprise from “her”….her being my tall country cutie in the jean shorts with her three male friends. And even though it had been less than 15 minutes since I last saw her smoking outside the beer gardens, you’ll never guess what she was doing again!!! While this girl was definitely rocking a country outfit, I guess it never occurred to me that she would be attending that Toby Keith concert, even though every indication now was that she was about to do just that. This time, only she and one other guy in the foursome were smoking. I found a close bench and watched the show, not planning to take any more pics since I had already gotten so many. The deep and frequently paced drags continued, along with those sublimely cloudy exhales that made me hope this cutie has her respiratory therapist on speed dial!

This girl never struck me as a smoker when I first saw her in the mid-afternoon, even to the point that I wondered if she was merely a social smoker having a cigarette with the guys while drinking a beer. Now on her fourth cigarette in less than four hours (and God knows how many more I missed) I was definitely not entertaining any further thoughts of her only smoking socially. About three-quarters way through the cigarette, one of the guy friends very briefly broke my heart when he asked her for the cigarette. Little did I know this would facilitate the sexiest moment of the entire day from her. She handed him the cigarette alright, but while doing so she inadvertently let loose one of her giant exhales at a downward trajectory, and given his height compared to hers, he took a blast of smoke in the face big enough to drop some men to their knees. Apparently used to this behavior from this girl, the guy didn’t even respond, simply taking the cigarette from her and not even seeming to appreciate how badly he had just been emasculated…

So that was it right? She couldn’t possibly have any more arrows in her quiver could she? I had about 30 seconds to speculate that this girl had finally run out of ways to blow my mind before she began opening her purse. Sweet Jesus…the pack of Camel Crushes was coming out again! If the shrimpy guy was gonna take the last quarter of her cigarette away, then fuck it, she was just gonna have another one! I had taken a pic of just about every imaginable smoking pose from this girl, but I had yet to get a light-up shot. I readied my phone and she cooperatively dangled the unlit cigarette for about 10 seconds while I prepared the camera. It was a little dark and I was a bit too far away for the image to be perfect, but I nonetheless scored on camera the exact moment when her lighter came to life and ignited the fifth cigarette I’d seen her smoke in a few hours. From there, I just sat back and watched the show as she massacred yet another cigarette with all the usual trappings, and from this distance I noticed more examples of her exhales into the males’ faces, all appearing accidental and none quite as bombastic as when she plastered the guy who requested her cigarette. She put away the cigarette in about four minutes and the group confirmed my suspicion by heading into the grandstand after they finished smoking. I kept close tabs on this grandstand area before the show started and during the intermission following the opening act, just in case they came out to smoke again. If they did, I missed them. Even so, the hottest girl of the day gave me a five-cigarette sighting at the Minnesota State Fair….with the very real possibility that she could have put down twice that many cigarettes and I missed several of them by not being around her consistently all day. Every year I seem to get at least one sighting on my summer fairgrounds’ tour that stands out for its otherworldly intensity. This year it was the tall Camel Crush country girl in the daisy dukes who filled that role.

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