MNSF #116. Brunette More Than Eight Months Pregnant Publicly Smokes Before Toby Keith Concert

I’d had an exhilarating afternoon on Day 1 at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair, and the thrill ride would carry on into the early evening as I continued to hover close to the grandstand to see the final throes of nicotine-addicted concertgoers getting their final fix before the Toby Keith concert that was starting before long. As I ventured east of the grandstand, I could see from afar a cigarette in the right hand of this attractive mid-20s dark brunette in leggings and black boots that went almost all the way up to her knee. I was smitten the second I laid eyes on her and saw she had a cigarette, but she was in the company of another couple and was hugging the guy when I walked upon her so I didn’t get a full immediate view. When she pulled away from the hug, the sighting took on an entirely new dimension when it was clear this girl was about 8 3/4 months pregnant! And I’m not exaggerating either. It would surprise nobody if this girl’s belly burst right in the middle of Toby Keith singing “Who’s Your Daddy”….yet here she was publicly and unashamedly smoking a cigarette.

A bench was open only a few feet in front of this insanity and I took it, eager for a full show from the most jaw-dropping pregnant smoker sighting I can ever recall getting. The intensity of her drags made it clear she was delivering nicotine for two as on three different occasions she put the cigarette in her mouth and carried out a dangling drag that lasted a good 10 seconds…..for everyone looking her direction to see….with her huge belly sticking out in a way that nobody could possibly miss. It was astonishing to witness, both the chutzpah of her performance and the fact that nobody else seemed to be noticing. I sat through the whole show and while I got a pic of her in mid-dangle, it’s blurry. I made a special point of framing a more solid pic, however, and did pretty well capturing her holding on the second half of the cigarette, giving me photographic evidence of the wildest pregnant smoker sighting I ever recall getting. She was accelerating her pace towards the end of the cigarette and wrapped it up while heading towards the grandstand gate. Could there possibly be a more appropriate place for a final trimester pregnant smoker hottie to go than a Toby Keith concert?!?! She walked briefly with the cigarette before crushing it out and tossing it into the trash can. Whoa! This may well have been the most unlikely sighting of the day and one of the most unlikely of the whole fair season. I never figured I’d be this grateful to Toby Keith!

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