MNSF #1. The 1996 State Fair Girls Who Escalated My Fetish

My smoking fetish was officially born on the sunny mid-afternoon hours on August 28, 1996, only three days after my 19th birthday, and three days before I left for my freshman year of college. And given the intensity my fetish has taken on in the years since, it was one of the single most defining moments of my life as it made me finally come to terms with just how sexy I find it to be when girls smoke. It’s the “granddaddy of all sightings” that I dramatized in my 90% reality-based  “State Fair Girls” story on Smoke Signals a few years later, and I honestly don’t think it’s possible for this sighting to ever be dethroned from its berth at the top given its long-term impact…..

There I sat, with my mom, at a concert for has-been country singer  Billy Jo Royale who I didn’t even really want to see, but agreed to since my mom liked him and since we had a couple of hours to kill back in the time when I had grown pretty bored with the Minnesota State Fair.  After sitting in the bleachers awaiting the free concert to begin, up came these adorable beauties, all around 18, dressed in as sexy and classy of summer attire as any guy could ever dream of (tanktops, very upscale looking jean shorts with flashy and glamorous belts), and sat in the bench directly in front of us. The thought briefly crossed my mind, as I admired their perfect figures and beautiful faces of this assortment of three blonds and one brunette, that these girls would make some amazingly hot smokers, even though that thought generally didn’t consume my every encounter with attractive females as it does today.

In no more than 30 seconds, my wish would become a reality as these beauties, one by one, opened their purses and retrieved their respective packs of Marlboro Lights, sparking up their all-whites within less than a minute of each other and proceeding to smoke cigarette after cigarette after cigarette for the entire two hours we sat there, completely oblivious to the dismay of others sitting next to them, several of whom left in disgust as the girls snickered.  Even my mom gave me a “What in the world could those girls be thinking smoking like that?” look, but thankfully we didn’t move. I just shrugged while trying to hide the fact that my jeans were elevating before my eyes.

It’s hard to single out which girl was my favorite, and I found myself declaring a new favorite every time I studied a different girl.  One dark blond who sat on the right was attractive but not in the league of the other three, but immediately to her left was a bodacious platinum blond in a pink top, white shorts, and a glamorous belt.  To the left of her was a long-haired brunette in badass sunglasses, a blue top, and jean shorts who looked the most comfortable and natural smoking a cigarette.  And on the far left was another incredible blond in white shorts who was mind-blowingly hot.  Again, every time I laid eyes on one of these three girls, she became my new favorite.  They were all just that amazing.

The concert was as big of a blur to me as the air quality a few feet in front of me as these extraordinarily sexy 18-ish superbabes ingested unending volumes of tobacco into their perfectly proportioned young bodies. At one point, as explained in my “State Fair Girls” story, they even turned around and teased me with their smoking show, smiling at me while exhaling plumes of smoke very near me, which really drove me over the edge.  This was the first time I ever got an erection from watching chicks smoke, but it definitely wasn’t the last.  The girls just kept on smoking like lifetime professionals–as if they were getting paid to do so–and left a mountain of butts in their aftermath.  These images were burned into my mind for months (and in fact years) to come and I would never view the Minnesota State Fair the same way again.

In so many ways, this sighting set the stage for who I am today. Would I have the fetish as bad as I do today had it not been for this erotic experience? I can’t really say for sure. All I know is that from that day forward (and as I said I started college only three days after this sighting) I never missed the chance to watch a girl smoke again.

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12 Responses to MNSF #1. The 1996 State Fair Girls Who Escalated My Fetish

  1. thatisthelaw says:

    I had the fetish before it became a fetish; that is, it excited me in much the same way, but not erotically. When I reached puberty, it expanded into that area of my life and claimed my night dreams and my body. Before then, when I was about 10, I had my first experience of what the s.f. community now calls sightings. Of course I’d seen girls smoking before, including older teens, but to me at that age they seemed like women, and usually were of no special interest.

    What people sometimes forget now is that back in the 50s and thereabouts, when smoking was common, women normally smoked (as they did everything else) in a very unsexy, unappealing way, and teen girls who smoked weren’t trying to look hot, they were trying to look mature and adult. A girl who had tried to smoke seductively would have been ridiculed by other girls, and even by guys, unless it was in a situation where it was “allowed,” like in trying to pick up a man at a bar.

    Anyhow, one day I was accompanying my mom grocery shopping and as I headed off, as I usually did, to check out the newest comics (this was also back when you could hang out at book and magazine racks and read comics, magazines, and paperbacks without being shooed out) I passed a small stair leading down to the side exit. In the recess stood four teens, two girls and two guys, and one of the guys had just finished passing out cigarettes to the other three and was extending his lighter to light the girls’ for them. One of the girls, who had especially attracted my attention because she looked like teenaged Shelley Fabares, on whom I’d had a big crush–cf.

    –took a puff, blew it out, and then said in an excited tone, with a happy smile on her face, “This is the first cigarette I ever smoked!” If I’d thought about it, that would have been my fantasy of what a girl’s reaction in that situation would be, but I’ve never observed anything like it again, and since she was so pretty, and appeared to be enjoying her initiation into smoking so much, I treasured that little moment forever afterwards. We can be very sentimental, we fetishists.

  2. ECD says:

    There’s an awesome Youtube video that somewhat parallels this — three gorgeous young Spanish girls in a restaurant smoking cigarette after cigarette without a care in the world, having a great smoky time. You’ve probably seen it, if you spend any time over there.

  3. Smokin' Mark says:

    I’m visiting my parents’ place this weekend and they have a dial-up connection, but I’m definitely gonna check out the video you recommend when I get home Sunday night as it doesn’t sound familiar.

  4. ECD says:

    Since I am familiar with it, I will find it again and send you the link. It is nine-plus minutes of three absolutely gorgeous young girls turning their lungs charcoal black and sucking down enough nicotine to knock Hulk Hogan on his butt.

  5. ECD says:

    Here it is.

  6. Smokin' Mark says:

    Thanks for sharing. Great video and some excellent technique. I think my favorite is the girl on the left with the nasal exhales, but the blond on the right sure seemed to be the quickest smoker of the three. I saw a video similar to this but definitely not the same one. Too bad we couldn’t see the people in nearby tables to see if the girls’ smoking was annoying anybody. I got to see this identical situation play out at Cousin Jamie’s wedding, my Random #1 sighting.

    • ECD says:

      It mystifies me, it truly mystifies me — but then again, I have the fetish — how anybody could possibly ever be annoyed by the smoke exhaled by a beautiful girl, let alone three beautiful girls. A girl’s lungs somehow add a sweetness to the smoke that gives it a delightful aroma. And every particle of it has been deeper inside of her than even the most intimate lover will ever be, slipping like a smoky cat around her teeth, rolling upon her tongue, riding a current of nicotine craving deep down into her throat, over her larynx and across all the moist yumminess of her lungs — who could not be thrilled then to inhale that smoke for himself as it exits her body?

  7. Cara says:

    For me, I don’t think it started as a sex thing. At 7, 8 years old, I’d watch my mother smoke and want to try it. But of course she forbid me (I was asthmatic) and that made me want it more. So by the time I was 12 and finally had my First cigarette, it was the excitement of BEING BAD. It didn’t become part of my sexuality until I really came into my sexual maturation, if that makes sense.

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Thanks for the comment Cara. You were presexualized at age 7-8 so I can see why cigarettes would just be a fascination for you after seeing your mom smoking. How did your mom respond when you began smoking at age 12? And how long after you started was smoking sexualized for you? I’m assuming you still smoke. I never have–aside from experimental dabbling–and my mom never smoked either. Yet my earliest memories of sexual attraction involved women and girls smoking, which is odd since there’s typically a trigger for such a fascination. There was a 16-year-old babysitter I had when I was a very young boy (ages 3-4) and I have the vaguest recollections of her and suspect she was a smoker. Perhaps she was the source of my very extreme smoking fetish. Anyway, thanks much for reading and sharing and I hope you enjoy the blog. Not sure if you’re new to it or if you’ve been lurking for awhile, but either way thanks a lot for your contributions.

      • Cara says:

        I actually just discovered the blog, but I love it. And yes, I still smoke. My mom HATED IT when I started, still to this day hates that I smoke.

  8. Smokin' Mark says:

    Thanks. There’s a ton of material on here that will hopefully keep you amused for quite a while and I always enjoy getting a new reader! Great to hear you still smoke and it’s exciting that there are females out here who understand the sexual appeal of it.

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