Mall #5. Sneaky Teen Blonds In Capris Serve Up Epic Two-For-One

A classic from September 2009 as I was cutting through the inside of the mall to hit the sightings hotspots.  From two football fields away I spied an obscure back entrance to the mall and watched two shapely denim-clad teenage female asses wiggling their way to the doors…and then hooked sharp right to a flight of cement steps where a lot of smokers hang out.  I was almost sprinting through the mall to get to this entrance and see if my hunch was right. I stepped outside and saw two extremely cute 15ish blonds wearing tanktops and blue denim capris sitting on the cement steps. The girl on the left was most adorable, but the girl on the right looked a little younger.

I moved to the shade and sat in the grass as if waiting for someone to pick me up, stealing glances at the girls wondering “will they or won’t they?” as the girl on the left was immersed in a phone call. When the call ended, both girls looked extremely nervous and kept looking my way as if wondering if I was gonna bust them. That’s when it happened. The really cute girl on the left pulled out a pack of Marlboro Reds from her purse, took out one for herself, and then handed another to her friend. Jackpot!

They continued to act nervous before finally getting around to lighting their cigarettes. I had to carefully calculate my glances so as not to be obviously stalking them, but once in a while other people exited the mall and gave me an excuse to look that direction and eyeball the girls. They were such cuties smoking their cigarettes. The cuter girl on the left seemed less concerned about her appearance, exhaling her smoke straight ahead and holding her cigarette in her right hand for the world to see, but the younger girl was cupping her hand to hide her cigarette and making her exhales as inconspicuous as possible. And before you even ask, the answer is YES…the cuter girl hocked up at least one lugie and spit between her legs during the course of her cigarette.

Regrettably the girls finished their cigarettes and must have tossed the butts in the garbage can out of my sight before heading back into the mall because when I got there, there were certainly no Marlboro Reds butts to be found.  Nonetheless, easily worthy of my mall Hall of Fame.  Looking back now, I didn’t know how lucky I had it as the culture of tolerance towards mid-teen smoking that enabled these young girls to smoke so publicly appears to be gone forever.  I certainly haven’t seen anything like this sighting any of my malls since.

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