FCF #8. Brunette Camel Goddess Ignores Grandstand Smoking Ban

I was sitting by myself in the back row of the grandstand on a Saturday evening in 2003 awaiting a concert by country singer Neal McCoy. About 15 minutes before the concert began, a trio sat down in the row directly in front of me that included two early 20s girls and a guy. Most striking of the two girls was a dashing long-haired brunette who looked strikingly similar to the bodacious brunette chain-smoker at my cousin Jamie’s wedding the summer before (my #1 random smoker sighting of all-time). The resemblance was so uncanny that I’m at least 50% sure it was the same girl.

It was clear the guy in her company was a boyfriend as they snuggled together, but seated right behind her gave me the perfect opportunity to study her profile, including the incredibly sexy denim miniskirt and the smooth, tanned legs that extended from outside of it. Right beside her was her purse, which was open a crack and revealed a pack of Camel Turkish Blends inside (the same brand smoked by the girl at my cousin’s wedding the year before), raising my speculation that it was the same girl. Much as it delighted me to see the pack of cigarettes in her purse, it was the year before that smoking was banned in the grandstand. I wasn’t gonna get a sighting, but got some pleasure out of knowing she was in fact a smoker. I certainly had not anticipated that I may have given up too soon…

Just before the show started, the brunette leaned to the blonde friend and asked “Do they allow smoking here?” to which the blond nodded in the negative. Apparently, this was not the answer the brunette wanted to hear or was willing to accept because, in seconds, she opened her purse and extracted both her cell phone and her pack of cigarettes. I had all I could do to contain myself when she fired up a cigarette before dialing a number of her phone. Making matters even more mind-blowing, she then climbed up a row and parked herself right next to me in the back row, apparently believing she’d be slightly more out of sight in the very back row as she defied the smoking ban, excusing herself to me as she sat within a few feet of me. The guy who introduces the grandstand act each evening then start speaking as the brunette was in the middle of both her cell call and her cigarette. He said in no uncertain terms “no smoking!”, but the defiant brunette babe completely ignored him as she spent the next couple of minutes finishing off her cigarette. I’ve seen a couple other people ignore the grandstand smoking ban in the last several years, but none of them were first-tier college-age babes. She never smoked again during the rest of the concert, but she didn’t have to. Having flipped the bird to an insane rule in an attempt to fill her desperately addicted body with one more nicotine hit to get her through the concert, she forever earned my respect and admiration.

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2 Responses to FCF #8. Brunette Camel Goddess Ignores Grandstand Smoking Ban

  1. ECD says:

    That is almost unbelievable, Mark – the stuff that dreams are made of! She openly ignored the ban as well as lit up next to you with no concern for you at all except to say excuse me while I smoke? You lucky, lucky dog. I know I would have squeaked like a mouse in attempting to say, “Please enjoy your cigarette, I don’t mind at all.”

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      Without the squeaking, I pretty much said exactly that. Not sure if I sufficiently got it across in the writeup, but this sighting was from 2003 and I’m very confident looking back that it was the same girl from my Random #1 sighting, Cousin Jamie’s Wedding. If my hunch is correct, this girl is responsible for two of the most unforgettable smoking fetish moments of my life.

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