FCF #63. Teen Cutie With a Cigarette In Each Hand

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I had an incredible opening night at the 2011 local county fair and was just starting to hit my late evening stride after 10 p.m. when I’d hit my first official homerun of the evening when drifting towards the fairgrounds’ primary bathroom structure.  Walking towards the bathrooms from the midway were two 18ish girls wielding cigarettes.  I could only see them from behind at the beginning and the one girl didn’t look particularly adorable on first glance, but what would ensue would become my second best sighting of the night.  The girl who I wasn’t originally impressed with handed the brunette friend her cigarette and then walked into the bathroom.   This left me to get a close-up of the friend as she stood right outside the cement building.  It was a SECOND wholesome barely-legal brunette wearing braces just this evening!  Just looking at her on first glance, I wouldn’t have expected she’d be more than 16 but when I really looked close she looked a little bit older.

Despite the youthful apperance, this girl could handle a cigarette, as she proved almost immediately after I laid eyes on her when she placed her cigarette in her mouth for an impressive 10-second dangle while texting out a quick message.  The girl knows how to leave a good first impression!  Her drags were steady, only about 15 seconds apart and were deep and intense, with cloudy and accomplished exhalations following.  I was pretending to be waiting on someone and was no more than 10 feet from her, stealing looks constantly.  I had almost forgotten that in her other hand was her friend’s cigarette.  Here was this adorable girl-next-door cutie in braces, either underage or barely legal, standing in front of everybody at the county fair holding a burning cigarette in each hand….

I had seen about six drags while the friend was in the bathroom and was very impressed with this wholesome cutie.  The friend came back out to retrieve her cigarette, and upon closer examination she was reasonably cute too. Definitely a two-for-one sighting here, but the only downside is that as they walked away, cutie somehow managed to lose her cigarette before I caught where it was disposed of, so I didn’t get to see her brand.  Nonetheless, my adrenaline was starting to surge now.

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