FCF #61. Smoking Mommy Dances To The Possum

A brief but significant rainfall moistened conditions at the fairgrounds during the Friday evening festivities at my 2010 county fair, but when the sky finished cleansing itself of its moisture and the sun came back out I would get my figurative rainbow near the bathroom structure.  A slender young mommy pushing a stroller had a cigarette in her hands.  I accelerated my pace to get a better look and was disappointed to see she was only mildly attractive.  But my disappointment lasted less than a second as just to her left was another young mommy pushing a stroller, a knockout long-haired blond who was just sparking up an all-white.

Both young women were in the company of a nonsmoking guy.  Looking at her, I was amazed that this girl was a mother.  She looked about 21, but had one of the most perfect hourglass figures I had seen so far that summer, wearing a sexy and skimpy gray tanktop along with an equally microscopic and outrageously sexy pair of black cotton shorts .  I was close enough to look into the stroller she was pushing and the baby inside couldn’t have been older than six weeks.  I’m not sure what I was getting off on more….the fact that this young mommy had squeezed out a kid less than two months ago yet has the body of a 16-year-old….or the fact that she so openly smokes around the kid and probably did when she was pregnant as well.  More paradoxically, the cluster also included a young boy about five years old who seemed to cling to the blond, but it didn’t make sense that she could be his mother.  She looked too young!

I followed the women into the midway, pushing the strollers and dragging intermittently from their cigarettes.  Their smoking style wasn’t necessarily distinctive, but they were dragging pretty intensely and clearly very addicted to nicotine.  They stopped for the longest time in this one dead spot in the midway and I unfortunately lost track of her in the crowd for a bit and the cigarette was gone.  The less attractive friend finished her cigarette and dropped it to the ground.  The girls appeared to be planning to stay at that spot for quite some time so I looped around the midway and returned in about 10 minutes.  They were gone, but never fear though, the girl who was this sighting’s main attraction would be back in a big way….

At around 8:00, I decided to take my seat for the George Jones concert as he was the evening’s musical entertainment.  I had limited expectations on the likelihood of a good smoking show in the smoking area or even in the beer gardens given the geriatric demographic of the majority of the crowd.  But just before the show kicked off, they returned.  The hotties (one hottie in particular) pushing the strollers, along with the adult guy in their company and the little guy about five years old.  The girls pushed the strollers up to the front of the smoking area, and you can guess what happened next.  The blond kneeled down to the bottom of the stroller and extracted the pack of Marlboro Light Menthols that she and the less attractive friend were sharing.  They both lit up at least their second cigarette of the last hour just as the concert was starting.  The blond recognized some middle-aged people just inside the beer gardens and moved right up to the fence to chat with them while smoking her cigarette.  Again, the drags and exhales weren’t mind-blowing, but impressive enough to prove she was seriously addicted.

But the sighting was about to take flight about halfway through her cigarette as the music started playing and blondie started gyrating that awesome young mommy body of hers to music.  Seeing those unbearably tiny black shorts of hers swagger with every flourish of her hips was sexy beyond belief, especially when she dragged from her cigarette while busting a move.  Believe it or not, it got even better.  The five-year-old boy was leaning up against the fence looking straight up at the blond….just in time for her to hack up a lugie, spit onto the ground about three feet in front of him, and then take one final drag off of her cigarette.  She tossed the cigarette right into the corner near the fence line….but 10 seconds after finishing the cigarette, she leaned to her left and fired off another lugie, with the five-year-old boy watching adorably from below.

I’m not sure it’s possible for a five-year-old to have a smoking fetish, but I can promise you that with a mommy/stepmommy/babysitter like this kid had, in another 15 years he’ll be spending his evenings at the fair doing exactly what Mark is doing in 2010.  From there, the blond lifted up her baby and began showing him/her off to the middle-aged people on the other side of the fence who knew her.  I wonder if the baby was crying like mad about how stinky mom was after just finishing her latest cigarette about a minute earlier.  They soon wheeled the strollers off not to be seen again for the rest of the evening, but left a good enough impression to rank in my top-50 county fair sightings of all time

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