FCF #14. Miniskirted Megaglamorous Blond Makes Multiple Smoky Appearances

2011 was another great year at my county fair, but the sighting that narrowly edged the rest out was this three-night extravaganza of an incredibly glamorous girl who stepped up her game on each of the three successive smoking encounters I had of her.  The sheer volume of tobacco this stinky sexpot consumed in my presence won me over to the point where I had no choice but to declare her the 2011 county fair smoke princess….

Beginning on Tuesday night at around 11:30, on my walk out of the grounds, I spotted a cluster of about six young blonds walking the direction I was coming from.  Two of them were wielding cigarettes.  One was an attractive Camel Menthol-smoking blond I had seen smoking not long before…smoking another freshly lit Camel Menthol.  But the other was this absolutely gorgeous blond specimen decked out in a black miniskirt who seemed to be the life of the party, galloping towards her friends with cigarette in hand.  I followed and saw one awesome vantage point of my new favorite blond….a talking exhale to one of her friends.  It was my first full view of her face…one of the most beautiful girls of the night!  Just one problem…as I was positioning myself to watch this cluster, I see three familiar cops looking straight at me, cops who already taken note of my omnipresence already in the evening.  It was time to go!

Two nights later, again late in the evening of my Thursday fetishing, I was entangled in another sighting on this list (FCF #14) when I got sidetracked in a delicious way.  As I passed the cheese curds stand, I took note of a trio standing in front of the stand.  This epic blond hottie who I had taken casual note of earlier in the night was standing there reaching into her purse.  She was this classic beauty blond with shoulder-length light hair and a hyperglam look, accentuated by a form-fitting white and black striped miniskirt that managed to stand out even amongst this crowd for its over-the-top sex appeal.  Nonetheless, it wasn’t the face of a smoker, and having just seen other girls with lip balm I figured she was about to insert that onto her mouth….but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t shocked to my core when it was an all-white cigarette which she proceeded to quickly light up.  And at that point it hit me….this was the same crazy hot blond in the black miniskirt from Tuesday night whose sighting had been cut off that night.  Holy shit!  Was this really happening?

While there was no “good” vantage point to get an upclose sighting, I managed to find a nearby bench where I could observe, but only for a couple of minutes as miniskirt girl and her group of nonsmoking friends all walked just a brief distance away, but far enough to be out of sight.  I desperately wanted a full sighting of this spectacular blond and although it was awkward,  I sat at the edge of the BINGO stand’s seating area and had a decent front-row seat….and no sooner did I sit down than blondie placed that all-white in her mouth and let it dangle.  It was only about 10 seconds while she was texting, but seeing a cigarette dangling from a face this precious was something I never thought I’d see.

The girl looked about 15 but judging from the company she kept who all looked a little older she was probably 18.  And she had style too, dragging hard and exhaling cloudy plumes of smoke which she wasn’t paying particularly close attention to where they went even amidst her nonsmoking cluster.  There was just one problem.  She was a sloooooow smoker who at times went two minutes between drags…..and it was killing me as my vantage point was frequently obstructed.  Don’t get me wrong…it was still worth it when I saw one of her great drags and subsequent exhales, but I just wish she attended to her cigarette more closely.  Rather amazing that this angelic face belonged to the only smoker who ever came in contact with her, and while the friends group seemed relatively wholesome too, it was still wild that this girl was the smoker of the group.

The minutes passed and the smoldering cigarette in her hand continued to not be attended to at the pace I was hoping for given my level of exposure.  I was really flying close to the sun here given the trouble I had gotten earlier but did some random loop-walking…the kind that is most obviously questionable…but I wanted to wrap this one up.  Eventually, I’d see the girl towards the middle of the grounds, finally absent the cigarette.  My only hope was to walk where she had been and see if there was a still-smoldering all-white laying on the pavement.  There was not.  It was a little frustrating that I didn’t get to see what her brand was.  Still, what an amazing turn of events in the final hour to salvage a below-average evening.

I managed to see the miniskirt girl briefly on Friday night, at the concert and two more times randomly on the grounds.  Once again, she had a white and black top and…..a flower-printed multicolor miniskirt.  It must be all she wears…at least in the summer.  I never saw her smoke tonight, but after two awesome performances in the past three nights, her lungs deserve a rest.  Plus she would deliver in a big way with a grand finale on Saturday night….

I had seen the trio of girls that included my uber-glam 17ish blond who always wears miniskirts hovering at the edge of the concert briefly….only tonight she wasn’t wearing a miniskirt!  Frankly I’m glad she shook things up because tonight she was wearing a white top and skin-tight black shorts.  They weren’t denim….just regular cotton shorts that allowed me to admire that first-rate ass in a way I didn’t with the miniskirt.  Even better on her front, the tightness of the shorts exposed the perfect creases outlining her adorable vagina in a perfect little feminine triangle.  Much as I wanted to have sex with this girl before, I was even more fascinated with her tonight.  Now I saw her three times Friday night and she wasn’t smoking, but not long after the show I was walking through the main block of the fairgrounds–the same areas I saw her smoking two nights before–with her same group of girls and once again the only girl in the group with a cigarette….in this case a freshly lit one.  Her usual shtick continued to aggravate, going lengthy expanses between drags that sometimes drug on for more than a minute, but when she did take a drag it was pure bliss, especially when she carelessly exhaled.  The first exhale I saw from her on this crowded street sent a snootful of exhaled smoke right into the faces of two people walking by.  They didn’t seem to respond, but I got the feeling they were silently annoyed….

Also annoying was this group’s stop-and-go routine, the most annoying thing smoker girls can do in the eyes of a stalking fetisher trying to keep up, especially when said stalking fetisher is already under the watchful eye of a fairgrounds full of cops.  It didn’t help that she saw me in close proximity at least twice.  I was really flying close to the sun here as I followed her and her group–once again SLOWLY–into the midway.  It would ultimately work out however as the group came to a stop towards the back of the midway and there was an open bench.  I was still in risky territory observing from this bench, but by now there were five girls in the group and blondie, far and away the most beautiful girl of the bunch, continued her intermittent dragging, usually turning her head to exhale but not always.

I had been sitting there looking her way for about three minutes and was starting to get nervous I’d be spotted, but that’s when the sighting hit its high point.  The brunette next to her, about the same age and cute but paling in comparison to blondie’s beauty, muttered something and the next thing I knew blondie was handing her the cigarette.  The brunette took a single drag and handed it back to blondie, who then polished it off with a final deep drag before dropping it to the dirt and gingerly crushing it out with her flip-flop.  I had always assumed she was the only smoker in her cluster of friends, but now I found out that’s not necessarily the case.  An even yummier scenario was that the brunette just wanted to try a puff and see if she liked it and blondie was the corrupter.  Delicious…and they soon walked away allowing me to move forward and FINALLY identify one of her butts.  It was a Camel Light.  This made me a little nervous that I was looking at the wrong butt since on Thursday night when I saw her light up it looked like Marlboro’s stripe pattern near the filter.

From there I would loop around the rest of the midway, where the girl and her crew were standing there.  No cigarettes at this time, but something almost as good.  This girl who is usually decked out in miniskirts must have been feeling a slight bit of discomfort in those ultratight shorts as when I walked by she was grabbing the shorts by the asscrack and undoing her own wedgie.  Adorable stuff….I just hope next time she calls on me to remove the shorts and underwear from her asscrack.

And then in the final five minutes of the county fair, I got one last treat and a final confirmation.  Back at their usual location on the main block of the fairgrounds was the group of 17ish hotties that included the blond in black shorts.  It had only been about 20 minutes since I had last seen her but she already had another cigarette lit, leaving my cigarette count for this girl this year at four.  She might be a slow smoker, but she also seems to be a pretty heavy smoker.  I wouldn’t doubt if she smokes a pack a day based on the frequency in which I saw her.  The sighting was a double-edged sword because the same cop that busted me Thursday night was walking near me as I passed by….but the most-likely underage blond was exhaling a stream of smoke right past him as he walked by, luckily for her without comment or even observation.  And I was close enough to see the light blue print on her cigarette and knew it was a Camel Light, meaning I had spotted the right cigarette in the midway earlier.  There was tight competition for my favorite county fair smoker girl of 2011, but that final cigarette from blondie sealed the deal for me to select her.


2013 Update:  My Friday evening at the 2013 local county fair was quite productive and as the evening approached its end, I had no reason to feel frustrated by what I had seen, but nonetheless felt a little annoyed at the fairly slow clip of memorable sightings in the evening’s final hour.  But at right around 11:30, those feelings of frustration turned to feelings of elation with the instant recognition of one familiar face.  In the middle of the huddle of young people at the center of the grounds, I saw a cigarette in the hand of this blond who I could tell from the rear was gonna be something special…..and as I got in front of her I instantly recognized a face that would stand out in any crowd any day….the hyperglamorous blond who wore tiny and unapologetically slutty miniskirts every night to the 2011 FCF, when I figured she was probably 17, and who I saw smoke four cigarettes over the course of three nights in 2011.  I didn’t see her at all in 2012, but hot damn she was back tonight, and suffice to say she hasn’t become more subtle about advertising her sex appeal in these past two years.  Her wavy mane of shoulder length blond hair was framed with a black tied-up headband that sort of made her look like a cat.  Her top was black and had a wide-open back exposing her bare flesh, with a pair of skin-tight black shorts underneath, and honest-to-God fishnet stockings on her legs.  Who is this girl?!?!?

Whoever she is, the best compliment that can be given about her is that she is absolutely gorgeous.  I couldn’t place who she reminded of until tonight when it finally hit me.  She looks like Christie Brinkley.  Now I don’t say that lightly as Christie Brinkley is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, but this girl could be her daughter….albeit her smelly, black-lunged daughter.  And if there was any doubt about this girl being the same girl from 2011, it was quelled as I observed her smoking as she still had that infuriatingly slow pacing, often waiting 90 seconds between drags.  But it was always worth it as her drags were sweet and her exhales were reckless and carefree, spilling out of her face amidst this tight huddle of mostly nonsmoking (and mostly male!) friends guaranteed to give someone an unpleasant snootful of her exhaled carcinogens.  Unsurprisingly though, none of these guys seemed to mind!!

Now I say “mostly nonsmoking friends” as she had another blond friend with her who was also smoking.  The friend was pretty but rougher around the edges and nowhere near in the league of the megaglam sexpot in the fishnet stockings.  I tried to snap some photos and had some decent opportunities, but apparently this camera doesn’t take closeups in the dark any better than the other camera so they’re all a blurry mess.  Shame too because you really need to see this girl to believe her.  Anyway, she took a final drag and I watched the final gush of smoke flow from her beautiful face as she dropped the cigarette to the ground.  And luck was on my side because the crowd dispersed some in that location and allowed me to swoop in and identify the butt.  She’s switched brands as her Camel Lights from 2011 have been replaced by Camel Crush Bolds.

I was riding high after that one, needless to say, and it was approaching time for me to get out of there, so I took a five-minute loop around the midway and then returned to the main street of the grounds.  This was the place where my little miniskirted stinker always seemed to hang out back in 2011, and this was where she was again.  I was so busy admiring that ass and that face that I didn’t even notice for several seconds that this foul-smelling beauty had ANOTHER cigarette lit up!  At most five minutes after finishing the last one.  Extra points for cuteness that she was holding her cigarette in the same hand as a can of Diet Coke.  And she actually smoked this one faster than the last one, taking more brisk drags and continuing to release scattershot exhales that made no effort to avoid the two nonsmoking guys in her presence….or any other luckless fairgoers in this fairly compressed block either for that matter.  On my way out of the grounds, I took one more admiring look at her gorgeous face….and got off imagining how this beautiful face probably coughs up tar every morning based on her clearly ferocious smoking habit.

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