MNSF #117. Sweetheart Brunette “Melts” Into Her Cigarette While Smoking With Mom

The best prolonged stretch of fetishing I scored in the 2015 fair season was during the late afternoon hours on Day 1 of the 2015 Minnesota State Fair.  That flurry of blissful female smoking activity pressed on at about 6:30 when I progressed to the beer gardens block.  A cluster of women of varied ages stood on the sidewalk outside one of the bars and three of the four had unlit cigarettes between their fingers and beers in their other hands.  I’m guessing it was two late 40s/early 50s mothers in the company with their 20-something daughters.  Of the two daughters, one was a chubby brunette who barely qualified as a sighting, but the other was this truly beautiful and wholesome-looking early 20s brunette with a sexy body draped in a gray tanktop and nice-fitting jean shorts with a white lace pattern on the bottom framing her killer stems below.  I was very excited standing there seeing the unlit cigarette knowing I was about to get a full sighting of her entire cigarette.

Right from the get-go she didn’t disappoint, lighting up her cork filter cigarette and seeming to “melt” into her first drag in a way that’s tough to explain and which none of my otherwise excellent photos didn’t entirely capture either, and then rudely exhaled straight into the faces of the other three ladies in the circular cluster. I couldn’t wait to see her subsequent drags to see if the pattern repeated.  But the sighting took a turn as the chubby smoker suddenly shouted out “Sarah!” to a young couple in the immediate area, obviously recognizing somebody she knew, and the two young smoker girls migrated to talk to the blond nonsmoking Sarah and her boyfriend.  My vantage point stayed just as strong and I was ready, willing, and able to stick around for more of what I had already seen…..

And more was exactly what that cute brunette delivered as her “melting into her drags” pattern persisted, where she put the cigarette into her mouth, scrunched up her face to ingest its toxic pleasures and then just swooned for a couple of seconds in an almost sexualized way in response to how good the smoke apparently felt inside of her.  She did that after nearly every drag, and even if she was in the middle of a verbal exchange with the friends she paused to enjoy–I mean REALLY enjoy–her cylinder of smoky pleasure.  I was getting pretty turned on myself and eagerly awaited her next drag to see her do it again, knowing how pleasurable it was for her.  Most of her subsequent exhales were delivered skyward to avoid whacking the nonsmokers in the face, and as I said I got a few solid photos of the encounter.  The sighting lasted a good 5-7 minutes and she cooperated perfectly by dropping the cigarette to the pavement and immediately going her separate ways from Sarah and her boyfriend, leaving the discarded cork filter butt lying there for identification.  I can’t keep track of all of the variations of Marlboro out there but based on the print of the Marlboro logo I suspect it may have been a Marlboro Red Special Blend.  It’s impossible to overstate how elated I was at that point after this and so many other great sightings I had been scoring that day.

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