MNSF #123. Rookie Teen Smoking Blond In White Shorts Confirms My Instinct

I was on my last hour of fetishing of my second night at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair, and I had just scored my hottest sighting of the evening, a sighting that still had the potential to yield more as there was a bathroom break by the sighting’s star brunette.  Perhaps I should have held tight and waited to see more of the confirmed sighting in progress, but I was right near the teen huddle that always forms on the edge of the midway after dark at the Minnesota State Fair, and I really wanted to pad my numbers by picking off a couple more sightings.  I’d do a quick loop through this huddle and come back before the other girl and her friends got out of the bathroom, I told myself.  However, things didn’t work out as planned as I stumbled into a delicious extended sidetrack.

Just as I was about to complete my abbrieviated loop of the teen cluster, I spotted two 17ish cuties walking away down the beer gardens block, with a dark blond amongst them wielding a cigarette.  And I’ll be damned if this girl wasn’t one of the most wholesome-looking smokers I’d stumbled into all day.  Here was this dark blond in a blue top and white shorts who couldn’t have possibly looked less like a smoker, but who was nonetheless puffing away on her cork filter cigarette as she and her friend, who looked at least partially Asian, walked down the block talking.  Interestingly, the Asian friend looked much more like a smoker than the blond but appeared not to touch the stuff.  I truly couldn’t believe my eyes following this girl and was despairing over not being able to take a photo of this madness, because of the darkness, to prove that a teenage girl of this pedigree still smokes in the year 2012.

And she smoked with all the eagerness of a nicotine addict in training, taking frequent but shallow puffs and releasing the tiniest plumes of smoke with her exhales.  It was clear she hadn’t been smoking long, but she handled it confidently and adorably. How I wanted to smack that spectacular ass of hers in those white shorts too, one of the best asses of the day.  I couldn’t have asked for a better sighting in the final hour of the day, when the wholesome smoker girls typically become harder to come by.  She and the friend were then talking about where to go next and decided upon this commercial building.  The dark blond approached the steps of the building, took a final drag from her cigarette and then dropped it to the step and crushed it out with her foot.  Needless to say, I swooped in to identify the butt and it was another of those oddball light orange cork filters with the weird lettering print above the filter that I saw two teen girls smoking the week before.  At the time I had no idea what this brand was but a guardian angel from the smoking boards informed me a couple of days later that they are the new Camel Turkish Royals.  About 15 minutes later, I’d see these same two girls walking back the other direction, and once again could not believe that dark blond was a smoker.  The sighting didn’t have much of a storyline but this girl left a major impression on me.

My instinct was right on breaking free from the original sighting during the bathroom break, since it led me to the dark blond, and just for the record, my instinct was also right that the previous sighting still had more drama ahead.  My return to the bathroom was delayed, but the smoking performance I left behind continued.

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