MNSF #99. Smoking Area Produces Blond Triple Play On Separate Smoke Breaks

It was around 5:30 on my extraordinary first day at the 2015 Minnesota State Fair, right around the time of day when smoker sightings at the MNSF start really booming, particularly in close proximity to the beer gardens area, and I was about to get a very memorable triple play in the smoking area on the southeast side of the beer gardens that best represented the day’s sensory overload moment where there was more female smoking going on than I was able to fully process.

It all started when I encircled the berm that represents the official smoking area and discovered a 20-something couple who were both smoking.  The girl could not have possibly looked less like a smoker, with her ponytailed blond hair flowing onto her shoulderless white blouse with a long red dress below the waist.  And that face!  What a cutie.  I stood in front of her and snapped a couple of stealth photos before taking advantage of the opportunity to sit right next to her, where I got to bathe in her exhales and snap some very upclose photos, most of which were so close that some of her features got cut off but I still got her in mid-drag a couple of times.  There was nothing overly distinctive about her style but what an unexpected sweetheart to see putting a cigarette to her lips.  I was fully prepared to sit out this sighting to the end but then I looked to the edge of the alley to my right and spotted a curly-haired light brunette in a pink blouse and jean shorts who inserted a cigarette into her mouth and then cut loose a rip-roaring high volume exhale that exploded out of her mouth and nose like a firework on the 4th of July.  I just had to get a better look at this!

I sort of abandoned the wholesome girl for the light brunette even though from where I was standing I’d still be able to see the wholesome girl finish off what was left of her cigarette on that berm.  For the time being though, I was laser-focused on this mid-to-late 20s light brunette with her intense and nicely paced five-second drags and fierce exhales, capturing a few pics of her and enjoying the hell out of the visuals as she filled several square feet in front of her face with a steady stream of air pollution.  I got about three minutes in on this sighting when I spotted out of the corner of my right eye yet another distraction in the form of a hot blond smoker girl.  This was just getting nuts!  And the third girl represented the wardrobe Holy Grail for me as she was wearing a very nice fitting pair of white shorts along with a pink tanktop.  I was gonna have to abandon one great sighting in pursuit of the newest shiny object once again!

The new mid-20s platinum blond hottie was an aesthetic perfect game, looking a lot like this smoker friend of mine named Sarah did when she was in her prime.  She had this glowingly beautiful face as she stood next to three guy friends who were also smoking, and I captured her frontal profile in a great pic showing off her beaming smile and those nice-fitting white shorts framing her crotch gorgeously with smooth, well-toned legs underneath.  Her smoking style was fairly average but what a hottie and as she bantered with these three guy friends I was musing on whether one of them–or possibly all three!–were fucking her.  I stayed for the whole cigarette and got a couple of action shots.  I could see her cigarette was a Camel Light Menthol which was helpful since she threw the butt in the nearby smoking area’s ashtray when she was finished.  If you’re lucky you get one of these sensory overload moments on a given day at the Minnesota State Fair where you’re surrounded by greatness or are stumbling into it one after another for a brief period.  In this case, one trip to the beer gardens smoking area yielded a first-rate triple play with a wholesome girl, a high-quality smoker, and a sexpot blond in white shorts over the course of about 10 minutes.  That’s one productive trip to the beer gardens smoking area, my friends!

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