MNSF #115. Leather-Jacketed Wholesome Smoker Almost Gets Lost In Her Crowd

My second day at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair was extremely solid, and another of the girls who came through for me on September 3, 2011, was delivered on the block surrounding the beer gardens, the most prolific place for sightings on the grounds, particularly in the evening hours.

There was a cluster of about five girls, all in the 21-22 range, hovering on the corner and most in possession of beers.  I saw no signs of cigarette smoke on first glance, but after surveying this group I was most drawn to a dark blond hottie in the back of the group.  Not only was she the cutest and most wholesome girl in the group, she was also decked out in a stylish black leather jacket, and you know how I am with leather.  There were a significant number of girls in leather jackets on the grounds last night, apparently eagerly awaiting the onset of autumn weather in a way I definitely am not.  Anyway, I spotted this girl in the flattering leather jacket with an accompanying pair of nicely fitting dark jeans that went together well with the jacket and shaped her curves tastefully.  Even though she seemed to be the least likely girl in the group to have a smelly cigarette between her fingers, I just had to encircle the group and see for myself.  And sure enough…the one girl in the cluster to have a cigarette was my wholesome honey in the leather jacket.

She was a joy to observe, her shoulder-length dark blond hair resting upon that leather jacket and her impressively timed drags from the cigarette, which she always released with a skyward-tilted blast of smoke from her mouth and nose, again putting in doubt my original instinct that she was probably just a social smoker.  The high point of the sighting was when she held up her smelly cigarette in the face of one of her nonsmoking friends and said “What am I doing smoking Camels?”, the context of which will remain a mystery but which I kind of doubt her friend needed to know about with such a stinky visual aid flashed only inches from her face.  The girl finished her cigarette and dropped it on the curb and stomped it out in a few moments, wandering just far enough away for me to easily make positive ID of her refuse.  As she stated, it was a Camel Blue.  These things really seem to be gaining in popularity among addicted young girls.

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