MNSF #134. “Breie” Lookalike Is Alpha Female Smoker of Her Clique

I had a mediocre day at the Minnesota State Fair on my Saturday visit in 2009.  The morning was cool but sunny, but the clouds moved in and the wind picked up in the early afternoon and the rest of the day would become downright chilly for August.  Couple the declining weather conditions with the lack of genuinely impressive sightings that the day was yielding and it was one of my weaker MNSF experiences of recent years.  Still, there was a stretch at just about dusk where I hit a pretty impressive stretch of sightings, and this was the sighting that kicked it off…

I was walking near the radio station booth where the deejay broadcasts live from the fair booth. Standing at the outer edge of the small crowd were three 18ish girls. Two of them weren’t particularly attractive, but the girl who was attractive was a girl-next-door dark blond in a light sweatshirt and blue jeans who was wielding a freshly lit cigarette. It was a very cool dynamic because the other two girls both looked more like smokers than she did, but it was Little Miss Wholesome that was spewing fumes from her angelic face. A year earlier I had been chatting up an attractive college girl named Breie on an online dating site but fumbled before I got the chance to take her out.   Breie was a very impressive girl, and the smoker in front of me looked quite a bit like her.

The trio moved slowly and were chatting amongst each other, with the smoker very much appearing to be the alpha female of the trio. As was the theme with the entire day, her exhales blew straight into her friends faces like heat-seeking missiles, but the other girls just seemed to be used to it. They headed towards the International Bazaar which had already been the location of my best sighting of that day. The cutie dropped her cork-filter cigarette to the ground at the entrance of the Bazaar before proceeding inside.  As I passed I could see it was a Camel.  My Breie was a nonsmoker, so this sighting was as close as I’d come to seeing Breie smoking a cigarette, and the specific context in which she smoked in the company of her nonsmoking friends group made it all the more intriguing.

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