MNSF #118. Mother And Daughter Synchronized Smokers

Another great sighting scored on that incredible day at the 2008 Minnesota State Fair, in this case in the late afternoon.  It was absolutely amazing how closely my day paralleled the timeline of the past two fairs. It was about 4:30-5:00 last year that I scored an epic sighting at the last year’s fair near the Heritage Square area at the extreme northwest corner of the fairgrounds who were my 65th and 66th sightings of the day.

Moving back to 2008, I was looping around the Heritage Square area once again at around the exact same time of day when I scored Sightings #64 and #65 of the day, a rock-solid mother-daughter sighting. Mom was a 40-50 something and reasonably attractive for her age, but the 20-something daughter was an absolute siren, with her long light-brown hair flowing over her summery flower-print top, and her shapely lower body covered (sorta) by a white miniskirt. Hot damn! Both women’s cigarettes protruded from their fingers as they walked, almost as if intentionally giving a performance for the crowd. I followed in close proximity and watched the daughter pull off a couple of quality drags. I could hear from their conversation that they were looking for the bathroom, and was a little disappointed when they stopped near a garbage can and took final drags from their cigarettes because I knew that meant they’d be tossing their butts into the trash can. This strikes me as too politically correct and I much prefer to see the more antisocial naughtiness of randomly littering butts curbside. Nonetheless, this specific instance would work to my advantage.

With a level of symmetry worthy of synchronized Olympic divers, both ladies bent down to the pavement in perfect unison to snuff out their cigarettes on the pavement, allowing me a brief but perfect glimpse at the miniskirted early 20’s daughter bending over and showing off her assets. With a police officer standing literally right next to them surveying the crowd, the women then tossed their butts into the garbage and proceeded towards the bathroom. I took a brief glimpse toward the bathroom to get a final look and noticed another 20-something light brunette cutie, this one in sexy striped shorts, smoking a cigarette of her own just in front of the bathroom. For whatever reason, smokers #64 and #65 were conversing with Sighting #66. I can only imagine what they were talking about, but of course my fantasy is that it was a loving discussion about the joys of nicotine dependency.

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