MNSF #114. Cute Dark Blond Parts a Huge Crowd With Her Stink

I had a second all-day visit to the Minnesota State Fair in 2010 that ended up being the most attended day of the Minnesota State Fair of all-time, at least at the time.  The weather was comfortable, but the crowds were suffocating to the point of limiting sightings potential as people were so pressed together it was hard to even locate the smokers.  But I would pull off a few great sightings during the day, including this sighting near the radio station booth.

I’ve mentioned the area around that radio station that broadcasts live several times as it’s been the source of some crazy hot sightings over the years.  Well it would again this day.  The station was doing some live comedy routine and there was a big huddle of people clustered together watching the show, but for some strange reason there was a little bit of a dead zone towards the back of the cluster as I approached and I wondered why there was an open space right in the middle of a cluster of people.  It turns out because there was a cute 20-21ish stinky girl with her dark blond hair in a ponytail spewing fumes in close proximity and you gotta figure people were trying to get away from her.

Actually, she stood a few feet in front of this family with what appeared to be three daughters and I wondered if she was part of that family because she kind of looked like them.  I would later discover she wasn’t, but I was in awe watching her in this crowd, wearing a fairly skimpy tanktop and light blue jeans smoking her brains out and laughing off and on at the goings-on on the radio station’s stage.  She occasionally raised her cigarette in the air to try to avoid the mass volume of people coming and going…and she would occasionally direct her impressively cloudy exhales skyward.  But by and large she couldn’t care less what those around her in this fairly tight cluster thought of her smoking and the most adorable part of the sighting were the exhales that she didn’t direct skyward.  In those cases, she exhaled straight in front of her…right into the cluster of people standing not three feet in front of her.

I watched as this one poor bastard found himself with a waft of exhaled cigarette smoking flowing over his shoulder and into his personal space on three different occasions, which he was undoubtedly choking on.  This girl was my best sighting of the daytime hours and easily the most inconsiderate cutie of the day, with a fairly wholesome look that defied her complete lack of civilized behavior in this very public setting.  She would eventually crush out the cigarette butt and press forward.  I was briefly sidelined by another cute smoker nearby but moments later returned to find the crowd in front of the radio station booth had cleared and I was able to identify the butt from the previous girl.  It was another of the many Camel brands this one appearing to have a red logo.

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