MNSF #108. Young Mark Watches Blond Smoker Near the Sandcastles

We’re turning the clock way back to August 24, 1995, for this one, one day before my 18th birthday when I was heading into my senior year of high school and years away from coming to terms with my smoking fetish.  While my sexual fantasies were increasingly filled with smoker girls at this point in my life, it was never something I was conscious about, which meant that incidents like the one that took place this sunny morning proved all the more pivotal in getting me to where I ended up.

I was tagging along with my mom that day, as I usually did in those youthful days, and we were heading to visit the very elaborate and well-designed sand castles on the north side of the fairgrounds. As we headed that direction, we passed a group of benches where I took notice of this truly gorgeous 16-ish long-haired blond sitting with friends.  To this day, the image that is invoked when I remember that split second I first saw her face can be summed up in one word:  sunshine.  This girl was the personification of sunshine.  Now keep in mind, “does she smoke?” really hadn’t even crossed my mind at this point as it never really did until a few years down the road. I was just stunned with how beautiful she was.  So imagine my excitement when she proceeded to insert a fresh Marlboro Red between her lips and light up.

We kept walking about 50 yards northward to the sandcastles, and as impressive as the sand castles were, I couldn’t help but continue leering over my shoulder every minute or so to get a long-distance view of this blond who was barely in view filling her lungs with smoky carcinogens. It seems like I’ve had this fetish forever. That sighting came 16 years ago now….and it seems weird remembering it now and realizing that I wasn’t even looking for sightings at that point in my life.

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