MNSF #106. A Smoking Couple Masters Misdirection

There were few truly memorable sightings from my 2002 safari to the Minnesota State Fair, but one that does stand out impressed because I allowed myself to be fooled based on misconceptions and misdirection.

I had just arrived at the fairgrounds late that Saturday morning and went right away to get some cheese curds before the line got too long.  I decided to sit outside the food building to observe the local smoker traffic. Sitting near me were two groups. One of these groups was a young, preppy looking couple in their early 20s enjoying their meal.  The other group was a trio of alternative-type teenagers with orange hair and goofy baggy pants. Even though the girls were unattractive, I kept looking their direction anyway based on my suspicion they would be smokers based upon their profile.  And while I always kept the attractive girl and her GQ boyfriend in mind if only because the dark blond girl was very attractive, it never crossed my mind that they would be smokers.

But the damndest thing happened during one of my glances towards the orange-haired crowd as out of the corner of my eye I saw the preppy couple standing up….and each lighting up a cigarette!  Seeing the girl standing up with her slender body and tight blue jeans taking her first drag from a freshly lit cigarette, I smiled that these would be the unlikely smokers amongst the subset of State Fairgoers in this particular corner of the grounds.  And that context made it all the more hot when this attractive young couple stood up and walked away with smoldering cigarettes between their fingers.

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