MNSF #51. Group Of Three Blond Smokers Inherits Legendary Fourth Member

The rain was without question a problem for my night on my second day at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair, but I must admit that it certainly did not blow the whole night up.  In fact, it was kind of the opposite.  The sightings during and after the rain were among my best of the entire day.  And no sightings from last evening were better than what came next.  I approached the west side of the grandstand, knowing that the Macklemore concert was now ongoing but still hoping for some nicotine-addicted stragglers outside the gate.  But it was a distance away from the grandstand area where the real action was at that time, about 10 yards behind it where a group of four college-age blonds were standing and it was obvious instantly that cigarettes were being smoked.

As I approached and surveyed the foursome, I was impressed by their attractiveness and even more impressed that three of the four were smoking.  Despite the fact that they were all a little glammed up, there was a good girl vibe to all four girls.  None of them were less than 8s on the 1-10 scale of hotness, but two of the smokers stood out a little less than the other smoker and the nonsmoker.  I was a little bummed about the nonsmoker of the group because she was the most wholesome, the cutest, and the youngest-looking of the four, but considering I had three beautiful smokers in front of me, I couldn’t be that damn greedy.  I had a very nearby bench where I sat down and watched the show in its entirety, with a nice front-row seat to the most attractive blond who was also the most glamorous of the four with curly long blond hair and a very sexy blue and white dress.  Of the three smokers, she seemed the most skilled as well, with the most frequent drags and the cloudiest exhales.  I had been observing this sighting for about three minutes now and thought I had a pretty good feel for everything that was going on, but then found myself in for the surprise of the night…..

One of the two lesser smokers from out of nowhere handed the cigarette to the blond who I had presumed was a nonsmoker.  Oh sweet!  Didn’t see that one coming but she was about to become the fourth sighting of this group.  But I figured it was gonna find its way to the petite blond’s hand for one drag and then be handed back to its original possessor.  Boy was I wrong.  The wholesome blond grabbed hold of the cork filter cigarette and inserted it into her mouth where it stayed for an extended dangle.  She dug through her purse, dragging from the dangling cigarette with every breath and producing dragon-like expulsions of carcinogens from her adorable face with three successive breaths, all while dangling the cigarette for at least 20 seconds.  She removed the cigarette from her face, wisps of smoke still trickling out of her mouth and nose.  This was unbelievable!  The most wholesome-looking girl of this foursome just went from being the group’s only assumed nonsmoker to the girl who smoked the other three to complete shame.

And this sweetheart was just getting started, putting the cigarette back into her mouth for a repeat performance of what I just saw, ANOTHER 20-second dangle as she dug through her purse, with ferocious dragon-like expulsions of smoke from all of her facial orifices following repeated dangling drags.  It was a rare moment that this girl left the cigarette alone long enough for me to actually admire her features, and she was a cute little thing.  She was probably the same age as the others, who all looked about 21 or 22, but it’s possible she was younger.  Either way, she looked 18 with soft facial features, a black headband in her blond hair, along with a white tanktop and black shorts covering her nice figure….

The other two girls with cigarettes were wrapping theirs up, with the less distinguished remaining smoker dropping hers to the wet pavement first, followed about 30 seconds later by the glam girl in the blue dress, but the surprise star of the show still had some smoking left of her cigarette, and was merciless in hitting it for the duration of the sighting, a haze of smoke always lingering not far from her face.  Even when she wasn’t dragging in mid-dangle, she’d do a no-handlesbars drag, removing her fingers from the cigarette while she took the drag and then pulling the cigarette away.  I couldn’t have been more turned on, but before the sighting ended she had one more incredible moment.  The girl who seemed like the wallflower of this group as I first observed them was now the alpha female, looking ahead of her to this mini-donuts stand and calling out something aloud for the group which led me to believe she was gonna buy some donuts as she rapidly approached the stand.

The cigarette was dangling from her mouth and she was dragging from it as she walked, and most adorably, a line of two or three people was standing there for mini-donuts, and my girl cluelessly walked right past them as she removed the cigarette from her mouth and cut loose a giant exhale that nailed at least one of them (a middle-aged guy) in the face.  I didn’t notice a response from the guy and was a little surprised he didn’t give one.  Apparently rainy weather brings out vulgar female smoking behavior because this was one of about a half dozen acts of genuinely obnoxious smoking I observed from smoker girls last night.  Whatever she approached that stand for was not mini-donuts because she came back empty-handed and was now ready to move on, beckoning the other girls to follow her elsewhere in the fairgrounds, the stub of her cigarette still in hand next to those sexy black shorts.  Two more drags and she dropped it to the pavement and pressed forward, giving me my chance to approach and ID the butt as a Marlboro Smooth.  I then went back to the butts the other smoker girls finished and they were both Parliaments.  There are few things I love more than sightings that produce genuine surprises halfway through, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a sighting that ended as unpredictably as this one did!

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