MNSF #73. Four Smoker Girls, Two Cheerleaders, and a Stroller

My second day of fetishing at the Minnesota State Fair in 2010 can be evenly divided between the lackluster daytime hours and the mind-blowingly productive evening hours.   Only about 10 minutes after I separated from the parents at our usual 7:00 meeting time, the impressiveness unfolded beginning with this multilayered prize….

On the west side of the grounds less than a block from the midway stood a cluster of seven 18-20ish girls huddled around a stroller, suggesting one of them was a mother.  I could see cigarettes protruding from a few female fingers but my eyes were instantly drawn to a wholesome-looking brunette beauty in a brown top and very nice-fitting white shorts with a cork filter in her hand.  I made a circle around the loop and quickly noticed a quiet dark blond girl who looked younger than the rest in the group was smoking, along with a curly-haired blond with a cigarette.  Three girls of decidedly different profiles in the same cluster smoking at the same time….

Generally speaking, the brunette in white shorts was the life of this party, but for a brief moment the curly-haired blond stole the show jumping and bouncing around in front of the friends as if doing a cheerleading routine with her cigarette flying around in her hand being scattered about recklessly in this packed crowd.  Another blond next to her without a cigarette scolded her, “Don’t do that with a cigarette in your hand.  You’ll burn somebody!”  Since I was just walking past as the smoker did this routine, I enjoyed the idea that this girl was apparently concerned with my safety.

Anyway, after that display my attention was again focused on that brunette who was bubbly and excitable and a total chatterbox.  I didn’t get the impression she was a hard-core addicted smoker given that her drags were fairly far apart, but when she did take a drag it was adorable, her cute little face puckering up as she ingested that cancerous smoke into her body.  After one drag, she hacked up a quick little girlish lugie that splattered onto the sidewalk.  Her body seemed too perfect for her to have been the mother of the baby in the stroller, but she nonetheless knelt down at that point, cigarette in hand, to look through the storage area of the stroller apparently in search of something.  Seeing her hot body in that crouching pose, with those tight white shorts of hers being stretched to their limit, was an amazing spectacle to behold.

Unfortunately, there was a bit of a buzzkill at the end of the sighting as a couple dudes walked up.  Not long after seeing one of the thuggish-looking guys approach, the brunette said “Here” and then proceeded to hand the little bit left on the cork-filter cigarette to the guy.  But there would be a silver lining taking place seconds later as the blond who lectured the curly-haired blond about “not doing that with a cigarette in your hand” a few minutes earlier then proceeded to take out a cigarette of her own and light up, becoming the fourth girl in this cluster to be smoking a cigarette.

I would see a couple of these girls on the grounds again in the same general area late in the evening, albeit not smoking, including the hot brunette in the white shorts who was bubbleheadedly dancing across the grounds en route to the bathroom.  Either she really had to go or she had been drinking a little and was getting tipsy…or both.

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