MNSF #78. The Vanishing Teen Cuties With the Broken Lighter

Back in the first half of the last decade, I usually attended free bandshell concerts put on by country singers with one or both of my parents that began at about 8:30 in the evening.  We would have to get seating for these concerts around 7:30 or risk not getting a seat.  Since I always wanted one more trip around the fairgrounds at the onset of dusk to catch some more sightings, I would always excuse myself for a “bathroom break” once we found our seats and then proceeded to make a half-hour loop around the guts on the fairgrounds, sometimes even the midway.

It was during this early evening detour on my impressive day of sightings at the 2004 Minnesota State Fair that I scored a sighting that had the potential to be top-10 given its context, even though it ended far too soon.  Approaching the still-crowded grandstand area just before sunset, it was hard not to miss two girl-next-door blonds no older than 16 who were right in front of me, stopped dead in their tracks and attempting to light each other up.  I say “attempting” to light each other up because the wholesome blond cuties were in possession of a broken lighter and didn’t seem quite able to get the job done, struggling for a good 30 seconds as I watched from closeby, and obviously getting quite frustrated but finally getting their cigarettes lit when the lighter pulled off one more flame just for them.

It was so cute because they seemed like new smokers by the way they were carrying themselves, but the very public location in which they chose to illegally fire up their cigarettes showed they were not at all shy about being underage smokers.  Like the girls, I was in an awkward location myself and had to reposition myself a few feet back out of the walking lane in hopes of seeing more of this sighting.  I had a feeling I was spotted by the girls which also contributed to my interest in finding a different vantage point, but when I finally got there I found the girls had mysteriously disappeared. I still don’t know where they vanished that quickly, but I looked everywhere in the area in the next couple of minutes in hopes of seeing them smoke their cigarettes, ideally with the same level of beginner’s cuteness with which they handled their broken lighters.  Whatever the case, I have to give them credit for being the first addicted smoker cuties who’ve ever lost me when I was stalking them.

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5 Responses to MNSF #78. The Vanishing Teen Cuties With the Broken Lighter

  1. thatisthelaw says:

    It’s paradoxical that new or new-ish smokers are hot when they reveal their newness, but also that smokers who are young enough that they should be new at it are also hot when they look like they’ve been doing it forever.

    Into the new-and-hot category fell the only sighting I ever had that betrayed my fetish to someone else. It happened in the mid-60s, when I was probably 16, and in the company of one of my best friends. As we were walking along the street of a beach town, we passed two girls about 13, one of them sitting on a bus bench and the other standing behind. Both of them had cigarettes. At our approach, each of them self-consciously lifted her cigarette to take a puff–which they both knew how to do–and then as we passed the one on the bench said to her friend, loudly enough for us to hear, “I like cigarettes with filter tips, don’t you?”

    My friend repeated that and was laughing over it when he glanced down at my pants and saw the very obvious bulge there. (I was accustomed to going without briefs at the time.) I could see from his face that he had seen, and was busily putting two and two together, but he said no more about it at the time. Thereafter, however, he would occasionally broach the subject again, as if trying to bring me out. For instance, one day when we saw two young teens enter a liquor store, he said, “They’re going in to buy cigarettes” (as indeed they probably were). And a few years later, still without comment, he took me to see Paper Moon.

    Several years later, in the mid-70s, I experienced a sighting in the not-new-and-hot category that threatened to reveal my fetish to other eyes in identical fashion (except that by then I’d started wearing briefs); and this time it would have been a lot of eyes, because I was standing at a crowded bus stop. I was able to avert exposure, or worse, by looking away, but here need definitely had to struggle against desire because the girl was so cute.

    She was one of three girls who had walked up from a day at the beach; since it was now evening, they had put on tops that covered the upper halves of their bikinis. They sat on the curb in front of the bus bench, and then one of them brought out a pack of cigarettes, took one and lit it, and then they shared it, each taking a puff in turn.

    The really cute one was sitting the middle, with her head turned so that I had a three-quarters view of her face from behind her. She was another one of those coltish beach girls, slender and finely tendoned, and with long straight brown hair; very like a younger Jessica Biel. When it came her turn with the cigarette, she took one of those long, full, cheek-hollowing puffs that give a sense of the smoker’s seeing it through all the way, of completing the cycle, in a way that only expert smokers can do. Lowering the cigarette, she parted her lips to release a swirl of smoke, and then aimed what remained into the air in a perfectly shaped cone. Then she passed the cigarette on.

    More than anything I wanted to see her next turn at bat; but my pants were already betraying me, and I didn’t dare to. Soon after that, the girls’ bus arrived, and unfortunately it wasn’t the same as mine; but I felt a wild urge to follow them onto it and off of it, and approach them and tell them what cool smokers they were and offer to buy them all cigarettes. I didn’t, of course; and I told myself that was wisest, as no doubt it was…but now I wish I had, and fantasize that I did.

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      I’m jealous of how many young girl sightings you got back in the heyday of that sort of thing. I was born a few years too late to get in on most of it and was too much of a homebody in high school to have taken advantage of the 1990s teen smoking culture. Anyway, humorous that your friend busted you. I wonder if he had a hint of the fetish himself to have put two and two together that it was the girls’ smoking that got you excited. About four years ago I had to tell my one good buddy (the guy that helped me set up this blog) about my fetish and he conceded that despite all the hints I’d given up to that point he would have never figured it out himself because “it’s just too out there”. With that said, my hunch is there are far more guys like us than what most of us expect. They might not have the smoking fetish to the extent we do, but they nonetheless find it a little exciting when a pretty woman or girl smokes a cigarette.

  2. thatisthelaw says:

    No cause for you to be jealous of me! You’ve enjoyed far more sightings than I have in my whole life. And I hung out with the theater crowd, whom you’d expect to be more “corrupt” or “mature” than the average student. But in high school I knew only one actress who smoked. She was already smoking as a freshman, and from the tenor of her conversation was also probably having sex. But she was advanced in a lot of ways–was the first person I knew who had heard of Marat/Sade, for instance.

    If I’d run with a different crowd I’d probably have met more smoking girls. One of them, a member of the blonde cheerleading crowd who also happened to be smart enough to be enrolled in what was called Honors English the first year, was the only girl from that crowd who was actually friendly with me, at least in our freshman year, and even acted like she was kind of interested in me. Towards the end of the year I saw her walking home with a guy who I imagine was her boyfriend, and she had a cigarette in her hand. That was the only time I ever saw her smoking. No doubt I would have seen more of it if I’d been adroit enough to get anything going with her–assuming there was real interest on her part.

    (Sidetrack: I didn’t know then, and have never figured out since, how to ask a girl out, even when she’s exhibited an interest in me. They never give you anything solid to grab onto; it’s like stepping off a cliff in the dark. The only times in my life I’ve ever been able to do it have been when I was too crazy about the girl to help it, or when I had such a high opinion of myself I didn’t imagine I could be refused; never in my more rational moments.)

    I didn’t know there had been a 1990s teen smoking culture. However, I did start noticing in the mid-80s that the girls who were taking up smoking–usually later than those I grew up with–did it much more sensually and gratifyingly (to a fetishist) than they used to. I think this is partly because it’s now socially permissible for girls to act hot, and also because, whereas in my day only very young girls would try to act “sexy” when they were smoking–and be laughed at for it–smoking is now seen as something fringy and forbidden, like piercings, which allows a woman smoking to adopt a sexy manner without looking ridiculous.

    That’s an interesting speculation about my friend possibly having a bit of the fetish himself. He certainly seemed curious about mine. On the other hand, he married a non-smoker (in fact an anti-smoker) and never showed the slightest interest in smokers that I saw. Like you, I’ve told friends of mine about my fetish: first my college roommate (who told his fiancee); then, years later, a woman I’d dated, who at first seemed to show complete understanding and then recanted, claiming she didn’t understand it at all–which I guess meant she didn’t understand what she’d said about it herself; and then, in these latter days, a guy I worked with and an online buddy, neither of whom found it all that strange. It seems that these days people can accept smoking as something erotic much more easily than they can accept it as something normal; which is weird, but there it is.

    A few years ago a British fetish magazine had a feature article on the smoking fetish, which it called, as I remember, the fetish of the decade (the 90s). But apparently its vogue passed, because by the turn of the current century, when the magazine published a special issue giving an encyclopedic rundown on all the major fetishes, smoking wasn’t included. We’re already past it–and I never even knew we were AT it.

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      90% of the women I’ve dated have either been cool with my revelation of the smoking fetish or downright embraced it. It was surprising at first how many girls seem to indulge my smoking fetish, but the psychology of it is fairly tangible. A girl with an increasingly frowned-upon vice is probably very insecure about what society perceives as her bad habit, so the fact that a guy not only tolerates it but celebrates it has to be at best quite a relief and quite likely a source of sexual bonding. I’ve only met a handful of smoker girls who’ve been put off my smoking fetish revelation, and with the batting average I’ve accrued I will continue to tell girls my secret.

      As for the 90s teen smoking culture, the teen smoking rate rose to 20-year highs in the mid-to-late 90s. For a while it seemed like every girl between 16 and 19 was a smoker. On the other hand, I’m guessing the middle school girl smoking rate was declining around that time. It wasn’t until around 1998, when the states strong-armed the tobacco settlement, that there was a serious pushback against teen smoking…and soon after smoking in general.

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