MNSF #46. Hot Brunette With Zebra Stripes and Camel Cigarettes

The blockbusters kept rolling on that great second day of fetishing at the Minnesota State Fair in 2009. At some point around 1 p.m. on the cement seating area on the east side of the grandstand, my attention was immediately drawn to a girl seated by herself who would become my second favorite sighting of the day.

Looking cool as a cucumber was a long-haired 22ish brunette with a freshly lit cork filter between her fingers and a cell phone next to her ear, badass-looking white-framed sunglasses, and a scorchingly hot black and white striped sundress. This girl had serious style! Apparently other fairgoers found her too stinky to sit next to because there was open seating on both sides of her, which I took immediate advantage of. Suffice it to say that this was a time where the cell phone was my friend because I was sitting right next to this girl and eyeballing her relentlessly, yet she appeared to be too wrapped up in her call to notice she was being stalked. And what a cutie she was, with residual freckles spilling from outside of the sunglasses, giving her a girl-next-door softening to contrast with the sunglasses……

Listening to her conversation, it was clear she was a vendor/saleslady working underneath the grandstand and out on a smoke break, as she chattered endlessly about work to the person on the other end of the line while smoking her cigarette. And as I said, I was able to watch the smoke break unfold from very close range and loved her style, which included four talking exhales that I got to see in their entirety. Now with most talking exhales, the girl takes a drag, and then starts talking with the smoke immediately spilling out of her mouth. With this girl, she would take a nice, long drag, and start talking without immediate exhalation. Magically, about 3-5 seconds after talking, the smoke would finally begin to spill out of her mouth and nose as she talked, indicating to me some serious hold times which are particularly sacred to me.  After about five minutes of this awesome show, she crushed out the butt and then tossed it into the conveniently located trash can right in front of her. Sighting over, I thought to myself, getting up to leave. But not so fast….

Just as I was walking past her to get one more look at her freckles, sunglasses, and black and white sundress, out comes the pack of Camels and the extraction of another cigarette, no more than 10 seconds after the trashing of the last one, and she fired it up immediately while still mired in her cell call. I had given up my spot and couldn’t very well go back without arousing suspicion, so I found another spot that was still pretty decent and watched her consume her second tar stick in a row. Apparently realizing break time was over halfway through her second cigarette, she extinguished it and placed it back in the pack before heading back into the grandstand, turning several heads with that sundress of hers..and perhaps with the stench of fresh smoke clinging to it. I walked away from this blockbuster two-fer with a new energy for a day that was already going well.

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