MNSF #41. The Teen Smoking Photographer and Her Subjects

On my steamy 90-degree Monday first visit to the 2010 Minnesota State Fair, I had been disappointed with my modest sightings bounty produced during the daytime hours, but in the final hour before I met with the parents for a Rosanne Cash concert, things finally started to come alive in a big way, and this was the sighting that set the wheel in motion….

I was taking one final midway run before day’s end, and since the midway had come through for me twice before that day, it was a no-brainer to try to change my luck there again.  About halfway through the lengthy midway loop, I began to notice how intense my foot pain was becoming and decided it was time to slip in the gel-filled inserts into my shoes that I’d been carrying in my back pocket all day.  I was at my lowest point of the day morale-wise as I stepped back into my shoes and proceeded onward to the rest of the midway, but was about to find out that those gel-filled shoe inserts were my lucky charms…..

About three minutes later, approaching the end of the midway, I caught two 18-19ish cuties standing on the edge of a bench, apparently posing for photos and clearly not in possession of cigarettes.  It wasn’t until I walked past the two girls posing for photos that I would come upon my second best sighting of the day.  I hadn’t gotten a look at the girl snapping the photos and the natural tendency is of course to focus one’s attention on the people getting their picture taken rather the person taking the picture, but I won’t be making that mistake again as I saw an adorable 18ish brunette in a little black summer dress holding a very professional-looking camera with a wide-angle lens attachment….and an all-white cigarette in the other hand.  She was giving directions to the two nonsmoker girls for poses and the girls cooperated with cutesy little poses for the camera.  Obviously it would have been an extra bonus if the two girls getting their pictures taken, one blonde and one brunette and both cute, were also smoking, but misdirection once again almost got the best of me….

As I investigated the situation further, the cluster was not limited to the three girls involved in the picture taking.  There were two girls and a guy seated on the bench next to them, and all three were smoking.  The girls were both beauties, with one looking incredibly wholesome, wearing a flower print summer dress, with her long brown hair draped over her left shoulder looking downright angelic.  The other girl, seated next to the guy, was also a long-haired dark brunette.  She had a slightly harder look and appeared a few years older, even though I doubt she was.  All three girls were knockouts and each had their own distinctive looks, but all were in possession of fairly fresh cigarettes…

I found a bench to watch this madness unfold.  I didn’t get a great look at the harder-looking brunette, but had a front row seat to the two most wholesome girls in the group of five, both wearing dresses and both puffing away on their all-whites.  I was most mesmerized by the girl with the camera who proceeded to snap pictures of the fair midway every which direction.  She even had the camera pointed pretty close to me a couple of times and I flattered myself pondering that maybe she was so impressed with me she had to take a few pics.  She dragged intermittently from her cigarette.  She took pretty deep drags, but her style didn’t necessarily stand out in the crowd.  Still, there was something very familiar about this girl, and it finally hit me as I studied her face.  She looked exactly like Brooke, a girl I dated and attended a water park with the previous summer.  And not only did she look like her, the little black dress she was wearing was a virtual carbon copy of the dress Brooke wore the water park that summer.  I frequently fantasized about seeing Brooke smoking a cigarette, and this girl’s display is likely to be as close as I’ll ever come. Clearly that alone elevated this sighting to its megablockbuster status, but there were other things going on too….

The girl in the flower print dress with the hair flowing over her shoulder was, if anything, even more wholesome-looking than the Brooke lookalike.  It was pretty astounding that the two softest-looking beauties in the bunch were wearing dresses and were also smoking. Flower print girl took a cell call and stepped a distance away from the group to be able to chat in privacy, allowing me a closer look at her drags, which weren’t bad, but as I said before, tough to fully evaluate considering the ferocity of the wind.  My Brooke lookalike certainly seemed to take deeper drags, and finished her cigarette first, crushing it out and then sitting down to disassemble her multipiece camera.  In a couple of minutes, the girl on the phone finished her cigarette as well, dropping it to the pavement still smoldering.  The guy and third girl were just wrapping up their cigarettes as well, and I had a potential problem in that the wind was so strong that I feared it would blow the cigarette butts away if the girls hung around too long.  They did hang around another 2-3 minutes, but finally took off and gave me my big chance to identify their brands.  The Brooke lookalike was smoking a Parliament, which seemed like a good fit for a girl as obviously stylish as her. The flower-print dress girl with the hair over her shoulder was smoking a Camel Light.

I had finally gotten the burst of energy I needed that day with roughly an hour fetish time left.  In the next hour, I would see the cluster again, nobody smoking this time.  The Brooke lookalike was showing everybody her photos on the camera.  She must really be a photography aspirant.  If only she knew that best thing in the entire fair to photograph was her own beautiful face with a cigarette sticking out of it…

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