MNSF #27. Choosing Wisely When Presented a Crossroads of Smoker Gals

Here’s another classic from the epic “avalanche” year of 2008.  I had scored a few notable sightings in the first few hours of the day, but it was during the noon hour that the snowball really started to gather momentum with my first near-epic sighting of the day, which began by presenting me one of the toughest choices I ever had to make in pursuit of a sighting….

The choice began when I was tracking an absolutely beautiful mid-20s mother with a perfect feminine figure who was the only smoker in her cluster which included her own mother and a husband.  The husband was pushing the baby stroller with the infant inside while MILFy was smoking a cigarette walking next to them.  She had the most perfect jean shorts-draped ass I’d seen all day, and I vowed to myself that nothing was gonna stop me from seeing this sighting play out as I followed….

But that’s when THEY entered the scene.  I saw out of the corner of my left eye two bombshell blond teenagers strutting down the street in the opposite direction, proudly brandishing freshly lit cigarettes in their young hands. I paused for a moment, quickly looking one way to evaluate the girls, then looking back at the young mother with the awesome ass, but upon noticing how glamorous the teen smoking blonds were, I had to reverse course and follow them. Tough of a choice as it was, I know I made the right one….

It was hard to categorize these girls, both about 16, who didn’t look like naughty little smoker girl stereotypes, but also looked a little more mischievous than the proverbial girl next door. The one girl was far more glamorous, with long and curly blond hair and a face that resembled Taylor Swift with a deep tan. She was dressed in a black blouse and dark jeans and was smoking an all-white, which I would later identify as a Marlboro Light. The other girl was just as pretty, but had a decidedly less flashy look. Her dark blond hair rested at about her shoulders, her skin was less tan, and her clothing was a utilitarian T-shirt and jeans. She was a bona fide 16-ish cutiepie and for whatever reason she intrigued me most of the two. Adding to her intrigue was the unusual brand of cigarette she was puffing on. The cigarette itself was white, but the filter was dark brown. I’m not sure if More makes a cigarette like this or what, but even later when I stealthly studied the butt I was unable to identify the brand.

Both girls dragged copiously from their cigarettes and exhibited a stylish and well-practiced smoking style.  But most striking about their style was the complete lack of inhibition in which these clearly underage girls strutted around the fairgrounds with cigarettes in their hands, making zero effort to conceal them and even in the dense crowd held their cigarettes out, completely disregarding any potential for bystanders getting burned in this huge crowd.  It was like they were 16-year-old girls walking around with flanks of cotton candy rather than cigarettes.

The girls closed the sighting down with a similar level of audaciousness, both approaching a sign featuring a map of the fairgrounds to study it. There were a handful of other fairgoers in very close proximity studying the map themselves, but the girls looking it over and taking final drags from their cigarettes, undoubtedly much to the annoyance of at least some of those in their crosshairs, but acting as though nobody else was around and could have possibly been bothered by exposure to their cylinders of stink. They both dropped their cigarettes to the pavement and stomped them out before wandering off into the grounds. The Taylor Swift-ish girl was smoking a Marlboro Light but as I said I still don’t know what that brown-filtered cigarette was that the other girl was smoking.

Amazingly, this was only my third best sighting of the day in the 2008 MNSF safari, but it would take several hours before I was able to replicate the quality of this noontime feast.

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