MNSF #21. Smoking Couple Refuses to Back Down in the Face of Antismoking Adversity

As I said in previous posts, 2004 was up to that point the most consistently satisfying day at the Minnesota State Fair as I had a steady diet of satisfying sightings at all stages of the day.  Wrapping up the day was this classic that transpired, once again, near the seating area for the latest outdoor concert, this one put on by country singer Collin Raye….

My mom and I got there to claim our seats about an hour early once again, and we were far enough back to where I could look behind me and see smokers puffing away behind the seating area. In this case, two handsome 21ish couples that oozed Midwestern wholesomeness were standing there. One of the guys and his girl were smoking a cigarette while the other couple didn’t. They didn’t look the least like smokers, especially the girl who was as pretty of a 21-ish babe as I’d seen all day with shoulder-length curly dark blond hair, a black tanktop and khaki shorts. Yet there she was, dragging hard from her smoldering tobacco cylinder and filling the dusk sky with toxic smoke. I kept looking over my shoulder to see this beauty finish her cigarette, and waited until she finished before I got up to “go to the bathroom and get a drink” once again, which was of course code to do exactly the same thing I did the year before and go on a solo run around the grounds after sunset….

I had one blockbuster sighting on that run, but never anticipated that what waited for me as I returned to my seat for the Collin Raye concert would have been even better.  I almost had a heart attack when I discovered the duo of young couples from earlier, including the smoker couple, were sitting in the row directly behind me. Now, it would’ve been better if they had sat in front of me from a fetish standpoint, but I wasn’t complaining because my seat was positioned in a way that I could turn to my right and talk to my mom while eyeballing the smokers behind me. At the time, there was no smoking ban in the free stage seating, so I was waiting for another light-up, and in about 20 minutes I got one as both guy and girl extracted Marlboro Lights from their respective packs and fired up.

In mere seconds, this insufferably annoying middle-aged woman seated to their left acted like someone let off a tear gas bomb three feet away from her, covering her nose and making an “aaahhh!” sound before asking the young couple if she could sit on the other side of them where their secondhand smoke wouldn’t drift towards her.  I was praying they wouldn’t roll over and either put out their cigarettes or get up to leave and smoke somewhere else….and they didn’t!  After a few seconds of looking at this prima donna with the kind of look where you could almost envision a bubble over their head as they were thinking to themselves “Seriously?!?!?”,  they agreed and traded places with the woman.  I was shocked that they held their ground and proceeded to fill their young lungs and the area around them with noxious fumes. The woman didn’t complain again but I think she expected her little outburst would compel them to leave, but it didn’t.  I was so proud of both of them, I wanted to give them a hug, especially the gorgeous and stinky girl.

Unfortunately, they never lit up again through the course of the hour and a half concert, at least that we stayed for.  The singer got into a pro-Iraq War tangent, which so disgusted my mom that she insisted we leave before the concert’s end, preventing me from the likely cigarette that was smoked in the seconds after the concert ended.  Even so, this was the best response I recall seeing from a pretty girl smoking to an openly hostile critic and a great way to end an awesome day of fetishing at the fair.

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