ISF #85. Smoky Teen Brunette In Strawberry Pink Dress Snuggles With Boyfriend

It was early evening on my first night at the 2015 Iowa State Fair, only a few minutes after I scored the ISF #94 sighting on this list, and I kept the momentum going walking down the concourse and spotting a young couple sitting down on a bench that was already one-third occupied by a middle aged guy.  I had a good feeling about them and it wouldn’t take long for that feeling to be vindicated as he produced a cigarette each for himself and his girl, an incredibly wholesome 18-19ish light brunette with a tint of strawberry in her hair wearing an ultra-feminine pale pink summer dress that matched her look perfectly.  The girl could not have selected an item of clothing that better fit her milieu.  She lit up and I was scrambling to score photos from an awkward standing position.  The somewhat scruffy boyfriend seemed a little dorky but that made their courtship all the more adorable as they were looking through photos on their own phone in a casual snuggling embrace, sometimes pulling in for some mild PDA that never got more graphic that a quick peck on the lips….

Seeing the contrast between this wholesome girl in the little pink dress and that smoldering cigarette between her fingers was substantial enough, and became even more mind-blowing when she took a drag and proceeded to blast the smoke to her right, never invading the space of the guy sitting to her right but certainly close enough that he was smelling her exhaust.  I caught a break when the bench immediately parallel to theirs opened up.  I took a seat and was able to score some better photos from a closer range, and thankfully the adorable kissing couple was so engrossed in their own photos they weren’t noticing that I was making their image permanent with my own camera work.  With sunset approaching, the window for photo-taking of any kind was fast closing.  I was hoping a get a pic of her in mid-drag but it never worked out, but the snuggling pose the couple was in, with the girl wielding her shrinking cigarette, was almost as good.  The guy finished his cigarette first and the girl wrapped hers up a few moments later.    She seemed to be really getting comfortable on the bench so I was nervous that I’d be denied a butt ID.  I did a quick loop down the concourse and returned in a couple of minutes to find them gone, however, and seized the opportunity to squeeze onto the bench right above her discarded cigarette butt.  As I expected from the markings I observed from afar, it was a Newport Red.  Towards the end of the night I saw the couple again walking around, albeit not smoking.

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