ISF #61. Hot New Mommy Hands Grandma Her Cigarette And Tends To Her Little Guy

The first sighting of the day on my successful Day 1 of the 2017 Iowa State Fair that was poised for the Hall of Fame came at around 2 p.m. I approached the seating area behind the Depot bar and grill and spotted this attractive young brunette mommy attending to a stroller next to a bench, and happened to lay eyes on her at the second she handed a freshly lit cigarette to a middle-aged lady I presume was her mother while she attended to the little one in the stroller for a minute or so. Checking out the body of this cute little thing, she definitely had that “still-sexy young mommy” vibe about her, dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail with a flesh-revealing gray tanktop and short tannish jean shorts with some smooth stems flowing out. I’d guess she was about 23 and even the small tattoo on her shoulder wasn’t enough to make me lose interest. And just my luck there was an open bench very closeby where I could sit and watch.

Seconds after I took my seat and prepared my camera, the girl would step away from the stroller and reclaim her cigarette from mom. At the time I thought she was the only smoker in the family (there were two or three other younger people with them) but I would later see mom and dad both smoking as well. She interacted in conversation with the whole group, but mostly with a younger girl across the table from her which was very convenient because it brought the girl and her cigarette closer to me, where I nailed a couple of pics, one of her standing and in mid-drag on her all-white that I was close enough to see was a Marlboro Light Special Blend. She was a solid smoker too with nicely paced drags and good-sized exhales. You could tell she was a regular at this whole smoking thing. In minutes, she’d finish the cigarette off and drop it to her feet, but unfortunately the family wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With that in mind, I returned to the same spot about 15 minutes later….and the cute brunette was smoking again! I stopped and sat at another nearby bench and checked out that show too….

This gal was already poised to be one of my top sightings of the day, but her body of work in the ensuing hours before dark would solidify her stature as I would see her smoking twice more before 6 p.m. Once, she and her parents were seated on the east side of this building that is across the street from the karaoke bar and a common destination for nicotine-starved fairgoers seeking their carcinogenic relief. The next time was at the bathroom on the northeast side of the grounds where she was standing with the family conversing casually as she was the previous times, cigarette in hand for the fourth time I had witnessed that day. Her back was to me so I wasn’t in as good of a position to observe as before, but I still got a nice rear shot where the cigarette is perched visibly in her right hand next to her ass as she chatted with the family. This girl had IT factor to spare in the first place, but seeing her smoke four times over about a five-hour stretch is enough to grant her pretty high honors for the day. It made me wonder how many more cigarettes she smoked yesterday that I didn’t catch….and how heavily addicted her young child must be having her as a mommy!

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