ISF #70. Teen Daughter Grudgingly Shares Her Cigarette With Her Mom And Boyfriend

Few days of sightings in my entirely life sucked as badly as the daytime hours of my first day at the 2013 Iowa State Fair.  I hit bottom by mid-afternoon when I had only 11 sightings to show in more than four hours on the grounds.  I finally broke the drought during the 3:00 hour with  my second best sighting of the day.  I was fast-approaching full-blown panic as I circled the seating area behind the grandstand when my guardian angel arrived in the form a teen brunette with her family.  Two parents, a boyfriend, and the girl were all approaching the grandstand to walk through the vendors operating underneath the grandstand.  The 17ish daughter in a striped T-shirt, jean shorts, and cowgirl boots was the only one with a cigarette.  She was pretty cute too….not cute in a way that made my knees buckle, but cute enough to where I didn’t get a smoker vibe from her in the year 2013.  I watched her take a few drags and my hours of sunburnt disappointment briefly disappeared in a way that only the sight of smoky carcinogens flowing from a pretty teenage face can do.

And then the sighting became a mother-daughter sighting if only for a moment as the girl offered mom the cigarette for a quick drag, which mom took her up on.  There was nothing about mom that did anything for me as she was just your typical middle-aged Iowa mother with no sex appeal, but I loved that mom handed the girl back her cigarette and then went into the grandstand with dad….while the girl and (presumably) her boyfriend hung outside.  She offered the boyfriend one drag from the cigarette as well which I could have done without just for the sake of the storyline, but again, all he got was one drag before he had to relinquish possession of the cigarette to its teenage female caretaker who may have been generous enough to offer a random drag from that cigarette, but who definitely was hording most of it for herself.

I snapped a couple pics but didn’t get a close-up shot of her face unfortunately.  She finished the cigarette and crushed it out before heading under the grandstand with the boyfriend, hoping I’m sure to catch up to the parents who got at least a minute head start on them while the daughter was preoccupied with her nicotine needs.  The butt was a Marlboro Light.  While this wasn’t quite the “FINALLY!!!” moment the previous year’s teen cutie (ISF #12) who broke a long dry spell was, I did get a renewed spring in my step and went on a mini-roll in the next 15 minutes.

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