ISF #69. Blond “Depot” Worker Takes Smoke Break With Nonsmoking Guys

My second visit to the Iowa State Fair in 2012 was a half-day adventure after work one Wednesday that proved much more productive than the first day.  The first hour of the visit was already shaping up nicely and I was about to score again walking around The Depot bar and grill on the west side of the grounds, making my usual loop around the back  of the structure and coming upon a cluster of four Depot workers, three male and one female.  They were all wearing the purple T-shirts advertising The Depot so it was clear they were employees.  Guess which one of the four employees was a smoker?

And not only was the girl cute, she was almost certainly underage.  She was a dark blond with a cute ponytail and a wholesome, girl-next-door face wearing a pair of pale blue jean shorts to go with her Depot T-shirt and who looked so gosh-darned adorable with a fresh cigarette extending from her fingers, amidst the three male coworkers of various ages.  Now the girl was extremely cute but I need to confirm that she wasn’t in the league of that teen brunette with her dad from 2010 (“Dad, where’s Amy and Jessica?!?!”….ISF #21) who was my last great Depot sighting.  The way she carried herself was so girlish but it was kind of frustrating how restless she was, darting from a much older guy sitting there relaxing to this young guy who I later would come to realize was probably her boyfriend, albeit a nonsmoking one.  This made it hard to see her smoke and even harder to get a photo in from the bench I sat on in close proximity.  I managed one but it’s blurry and lousy.

After failing to secure a quality photo I just relaxed and enjoyed the show, her precocious 17-year-old smoking style on display so unapologetically in front of these older guys.  But when I thought I had this group’s dynamics figured out, she wandered over to the young guy (who still looked a few years older than her) who was sitting by himself on the seat of one of The Depot’s golf cart-like vehicles and snuggled on up to him, kissing him on the cheek with her tobacco breath.  Very exciting to witness this girl meandering around these adult males and asserting herself with no inhibitions all with that cigarette proudly perched in her hand.  There was no way I was gonna identify the butt the way the scene was situated, so I parted…..

Fast forward nearly five hours to 11:20 when I was on an extended cold streak in the late evening hours and time was slipping away before midnight closing time, but I’d end with a flourish with a great follow-up walking around The Depot.  It was pitch-black in the spot out back where the workers gravitate out, but I could see my adorable ponytailed 17ish Depot worker was one of the three that was stepping out.  The two guys were getting behind the wheel of the golf cart-type vehicle that they were about to drive.  My teen cutie was climbing into the back to sit in what would pass as a storage type area or open-air trunk on this vehicle.  I had a feeling it was coming and it did….as the vehicle was preparing to drive off, a lighter flicked in the darkness and brought to life another of her cigarettes.  Apparently stinky girl has to sit in the back so as to lessen her offensive odor to the adult males driving.  Great follow-up on this one.

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