ISF #74. Early Teen Newport Cutie Smokes Openly

I had a spurt of great sightings in the middle of an otherwise average day of fetishing on my all-day visit to the 2009 Iowa State Fair.  I was heading down to the south side of the grounds where I would score the second of my three best sightings of the day.

Right next to a cluster of water fountains is a large seating area. As I was taking my sip of water, I looked up from the fountain to spot two small and cute early teen girls, one with a pack of smokes proudly displayed next to her jean shorts. I quickly headed that direction to find this amazing duo of 14-ish blond cuties seated on the cement burm in the middle of the seating area with ample space surrounding them. Only one of the girls was smoking, but both were a sight for sore eyes, with blond ponytails, cute tanktops, and skimpy jean shorts with smooth teenage legs flowing from outside the shorts. They had just the slightest badass appearance to them. They weren’t the middle school class sweetheart stereotypes, but definitely had the look of the “second-tier” cuties who hung out with a rougher crowd and were the crown prize of whatever lucky working-class bad boy could score them. But the best part was the blond smoker’s specific pack of cigarettes displayed next to her denim-clad backside was Newports. Newports are incredibly rare in Iowa, especially in 2009, and cost about a dollar per pack more than other brands because of their scarcity….yet here was this adorable 14-year-old girl committed to ingesting the most expensive and highest-tar, highest-nicotine cigarette on the market into her petite body…..

Regrettably, her cigarette was almost finished and I only got to see two drags, but she smoked it down to about a tenth of an inch from the filter before flinging the cigarette airborne right into the middle of the pavement in the seating area. She stuffed the pack of Newports into the front pocket of her jean shorts and got up with the friend to walk away. As I beheld their youthful beauty, I heard the friend (who I never saw smoking) talking to the smoker and said, “Yeah, when I’m smoking with (some random friend)…..”. This took me aback since I didn’t see the second girl smoking. Might she have simply finished her cigarette before I got there? Is she only a social smoker? Or was she talking about getting high? Whatever the case, I was elated to hear the second girl likely has a nicotine addiction of her own. After the two walked away, I looked to the pavement where she threw that Newport butt, impressed with how little tobacco was left in it and briefly admiring the sight of the thick, creamy Newport smoke rising from the still-wet pavement.

I would actually see these two little gals a couple more times on the grounds in the next hour or so. They weren’t smoking, but they were journeying through the grounds at a very fast clip….not quite a run, but a very hasty and jubilant walking pace in the way you would expect to see two 14-year-old girls excited about the fair. What a treasure it was to know that at least one of the two girls had that pack of Newports in her shorts pocket and was likely tapping into it more that day. Had I been able to see more of her smoking than just the two drags and hear more of the girls’ smoking-related conversation, this would have easily been my best sighting of the day and possibly even crossed the threshold into epic status. As it stood it was still a great sighting but definitely make me want for more.

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