ISF #42. Sexpot Blond Teen Daughter Shares A Cigarette With Her Mom And Sister

I scored three spectacular sightings during the mid-to-late afternoon hours on my first visit to the 2014 Iowa State Fair.  The final of those Big Three sightings chronologically took place just before 6 p.m., and a little longer of a show for this one could have been truly legendary but even the limited show I got ensures its Hall of Fame stature and my second-best sighting of the day. I was walking westward down the concourse when I saw a family of five that I presumed included a mother, father, two teenage daughters, and a teenage son walking my direction. Right away I noticed what looked to be the older daughter, a long-haired bleach blond in a little blue dress, smoking a cigarette. She was very pretty and looked about 18 or 19, and I caught her in mid-drag, the only drag I would end up seeing from this girl as she extended her hand to her right in the direction of what I presumed was her mother, a 40-something bleach blond gal who was undoubtedly attractive in her day but had a bunch of tattoos in particularly ugly places on her person. Only it wasn’t mom who was gonna claim possession of the cigarette….

Taking the cigarette instead was the younger sister, another bleach blond who reached in front of mom and grabbed the cigarette from the older sister. And she was a knockout dressed in a way that only made her more impossibly sexy. My guess is she was about 17, her shoulder-length hair resting on her pink, bare-midriffed top with slits on the back revealing her bra and well-toned teen female flesh. And below the bare midriff was a very tight and sexy pair of white shorts, my favorite thing a young girl can wear besides leather. She was no rookie either, taking very nice drags and releasing cloudy, obnoxious exhales that drifted right back into my face. I was doing everything I could to take a perfect photo, which is not easy while in motion. I caught her in mid-drag and thought I absolutely nailed it until I looked at my camera and realized the photo cut her head off. Four incredible drags transpired from this adorable teenage face before the cigarette would find yet another owner….and this time it was mom who I suspect was the original smoker in the first place but was courteously passing the cigarette around to her addicted daughters while the males in the family kept their lungs pink….

Painful as it was to see the youngest daughter give up the cigarette, it was pretty damn hot to be witnessing a mother-double daughter sighting, which I think may be a first for me. I was able to get in front of them and snap my best pic yet of the family, with a particularly precious frontal photo of the youngest teen daughter in her pink top and white shorts. Mom finished off the cigarette and crushed it out on the pavement. When I identified the cork filter I was taken aback to see another Marlboro Red.   Haven’t seen this many Marlboro Red smokers since the 80s! I hoped like mad I’d see this family again later in the day but I never did. Still, I no longer had any reason left to complain about the way my day was going.

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