ISF #72. Summer Dresses and Smelly Cigarettes

My full day at the 2010 Iowa State Fair was one of my all-time best days of fetishing, and after dark things really went off the hook.  It was leading up to 9:00 and I was heading towards the seating for the bandshell with plans to catch a free concert by country singer Whitney Duncan, which would itself prove itself an unlikely venue for a number of great sightings.  But I got sidetracked on my journey to the east side in the most pleasant way…..

It was time for a little bit of glamour at the Iowa State Fair as I spotted two 19-20ish babes in summer dresses heading towards me, both wielding freshly lit cigarettes.  Wow, I thought to myself looking at them.  The first girl was a dark blond with her hair in a ponytail wearing a mostly green multicolored dress.  But the second girl was even better….a beautiful brunette wearing an even more glamorous black dress.  These girls were as wholesome-looking as they came, but clearly had arrived at the Iowa State Fair with partying on their minds.  For a moment, they stopped and talked to some older people they seemed to know, not flinching at all about the cigarettes in their hands, but then took off back in the direction I had come from.  Needless to say, Whitney Duncan would have to wait as I followed them.  The glamour factor was off the charts with these girls, and they knew it, parading down the concourse while wielding their cigarettes with beaming pride.  The girls were such a spectacle that I noticed a couple of people watching them strut down the concourse, undoubtedly taking special notice of the cigarettes they were so proudly displaying….

I was mostly tracking the brunette in the black dress, and have to say that I was initially disappointed in her style, especially her exhales which were sparse and thin, so thin I was having trouble walking through them even as close behind as I was following.  But then I realized that my judgment was a bit premature as I observed from behind as the girl took a couple monster drags.  At one point, she even did a very nice dangling drag, the only one I would see all day and wildly impressive.  But still the smoke emitting from her lungs wasn’t that substantial.  Was she dragging so hard that the smoke was staying inside her black lungs rather than filtering out with her exhales?  Hard to say, but it was one of the crazier dynamics I came across.  Even stranger, the dark blond friend was taking shallower drags but producing more substantial exhales.  The brunette on two occasions raised her cigarette straight in the air while conversing with the friend, quite obviously talking about the cigarette but nothing audible from where I stood.

The girls were walking an unusual course, in search of a specific fairgrounds bar I suspect, making it increasingly risky for me to follow.  I hung back a bit, hoping to see where they dropped their butts so I’d be able to identify their brand.  A rare instance of no such luck.  I didn’t even notice the blond lose her cigarette.  The brunette was a higher priority anyway, but just before they walked into this bar, she bent down and crushed out the cigarette on the pavement and then tossed it in the garbage can.  Even without seeing the brand, these girls were among my top-10 on a day with a flurry of blockbusters.

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