ISF #31. Petite Daughter Spikes Her Cigarette Likes a Football

Earlier in this countdown, I mentioned how the Evan Rachel Wood lookalike kicked off an incredible string of sightings on my Wednesday evening visit to the 2011 Iowa State Fair. Heading eastward on the grounds, I approached a bench at the corner of the block located in front of yet another of the bars on the Iowa State Fairgrounds.   Seated on the bench were three women, including two middle-aged women, one of whom was smoking and who I noticed right away.  Standing in front of them in front of the bench was a middle-aged guy and a 20-something guy.  Four out of the five people in this group were now hereby accounted for.  But it was the fifth person of the group who would be the last I’d see but who was far and away the most intriguing member of the group…

I was almost ready to walk away from this location before I laid eyes on this total sweetheart of a curly-haired light brunette who looked about 16 upon first look because she was so petite and had such soft features.  Resting on her bare smooth leg was her right hand…..which was holding a fairly freshly lit cigarette.  The next bench over had an opening leaving me a semiawkward but ultimately successful front-row seat to another of my favorites of the night.  Upon closer inspection she was definitely early 20s…probably 22 or 23…but what a face!  And what a petite little firecracker of a body to go with it, including a skimpy pair of cutoffs with the front pockets hanging a good couple inches beyond the frayed fabric of the cutoffs.  Seeing her hold that cigarette so close to those smooth legs was deliciously heartbreaking.   And I took all this in even before she took her first drag, at which point my fervor for the girl increased to an entirely different level….

She was immersed in a combination of texting and talking to the smoking lady to her right which I assumed was her mom when the big moment came and the cigarette approached her lips….and that sucker stayed there for about seven seconds.  Hot damn!  Seeing those petite fingers holding that cigarette as she dragged from it for that long made my heart skip a beat.  Her drags were not particularly frequent but she continued to make up for the lack of frequency by making the drags she did take count, with long rapist inhales (never quite the seven seconds of that first one but impressive nonetheless) always followed by that yummy visual of seeing a ball of smoke disappear down her throat before her body let it out on parole after serving its time in her black lungs.

Also adorable that the two men were standing at a comfortable distance in front of the women on the bench, apparently unable to stand to get too close to the stinky women in their lives.  And I was just sitting there on the bench looking over shoulder, not going undetected but also able to observe this sighting in its entirety, close enough to see the rings on her all-white and knowing it was a Marlboro of some form.

The girl was conversing with the other smoker who I assumed was her mother when the phone she had been tirelessly texting on started ringing.  She answered it and began conversing with someone, citing her location and apparently planning to meet up with somebody there.  It continued to be cute seeing that cigarette hand of hers resting on her bare leg, especially as the cigarette got shorter and shorter.  And then she took another deep drag in mid-conversation, and as she began to speak I enjoyed a particularly well-defined ball of smoke disappearing down her throat that would be ejected in the form of a talking exhale.  This girl was just too much.

She wrapped up the phone conversation before finishing the cigarette.  I was nervous looking at the garbage can directly in front of her expecting this girl, who looked like a total goody-two-shoes save for that smoldering cigarette between her fingers, would stub the thing out and toss it in the trash.  I couldn’t have been more wrong as she proceeded to take a final drag before effectively spiking the cigarette to the ground the way a football player does in the end zone after a 100-yard touchdown run.  She basically sent that smoldering cigarette to the ground with a flourish and I was licking my lips watching it burn on the dirt, close enough to identify it as a Marlboro Light.  This would be my second favorite sighting of the night.

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