ISF #13. Sultry Heavy-Smoking Brunette In White Minidress Dangle Drags Nearly Every Drag

They removed some seating in the center of the Iowa State Fairgrounds where the concourse and south side street convene.  It didn’t cramp my style too much and ended up working to my advantage on Day 2 of the 2015 ISF with a cluster of gals of various ages who I assumed were related in some capacity stood in the area where the seating used to be acting very much like tobacco was about to be consumed.  Little did I know it would become my sighting of the night.  One gal pretty much dominated this cluster in terms of beauty, a very thin mid-20s dark brunette with sunglasses in a lacy white dress with cowgirl boots who exuded sex appeal and looked very much like a smoker.  Besides her, there was a chubbier but still attractive brunette who looked about the same age as well as a couple of older women, one of whom looked like she was in her 50s and the other who looked like she was in her 60s.  My brunette beauty in the white dress started fishing around in her purse and I positioned myself with my fingers crossed that my instinct was right….and sure enough out came a pack of Marlboro Lights, of which she extracted one for herself and passed another on to the chubbier friend….

It turns out all four women smoked but I only really paid attention to one of them, and did she ever have a lot to show me.  The girl loved to dangle and loved to dangle-drag even more, always with her cigarette perched in the dead center of her mouth.  I got a couple of pictures of her in mid-dangle but there was something very specific and adorable she did three times on this cigarette.  She placed that beautiful all-white cigarette in her mouth, let go, and then started playing with her hair as if bunching it in a ponytail.  It must have been a nervous tick of hers and it couldn’t have possibly been cuter as her cheeks sucked in to absorb the cancerous smoke into her black lungs.  And as luck would have it, I got a photo of her doing this routine–dangle dragging while playing with her hair. Her exhales were nice too once she got around to removing the cigarette from her mouth sometimes turning her head to the left to release a tight missile of smoke from her mouth and nose which progressed straight forward.

She was a truly skillful smoker with the most intriguing technique I’ve seen all fair season.  The fact that she was so hot, was likely smoking in the presence of her mother and sister, and wearing this highly feminine white dress made the show all the more delicious.  I watched every wonderful moment of her smoking, with dangling drags of some variation on almost every drag, before she became the first of the four women to retire her cigarette, dropping it to the street and crushing it out with the boot.  I knew it was a Marlboro Light but when the other women finished smoking and walked away, I proceeded to the discarded butt to make sure and confirmed it.  This would likely have been my favorite of the night even if it had been the only time I saw her smoke…but it wasn’t……

The country group Alabama drew a large crowd that facilitated several great sightings, both before and after their concert.  The show seemed late to start and about a half hour after the previous sighting there remained a substantial line to get into the grandstand show, with some smokers hovering around getting their final nicotine fix.  Included in this group was none other than the female foursome that was the high point of my night so far.  Despite the country girl wardrobe of the younger women in the group, it hadn’t occurred to me that they’d be attending the Alabama concert but it certainly seemed now as though they were….at least after another cigarette.  Once again, the star of the show was the long-haired dark brunette in the white dress, whose technique hadn’t changed from an hour earlier.  I was not in a position to observe them from upclose this time, particularly since I had already been right up in their grills watching an hour earlier, but the crowd was such that I was able to do a circular motion around them from afar and take in some of that brunette’s great technique.  Again, most of her drags occurred mid-dangle, the best of which came when she was playing with her hair and forming a brief makeshift ponytail between her fingers, only now with the after-dark context of the cherry of her cigarette glowing a bright red as she dangle-dragged.  She smoked at a very nice pace which worked for my timeline as I was able to see about six of those drags before deciding I should press on and not push my luck.  But you never know, there might just be another sighting from this girl yet to come…..

The Alabama concert ended around 10:45 and I made sure I was there when it did.  As the grandstand was emptying out there was one smoker girl in particular who I knew attended that Alabama concert that I was most interested in seeing again.  And as I turned the corner around the grandstand, there she was with the rest of her all-female group….the slender dark brunette in the tight white dress with the affinity for dangling drags.  And it should come as a surprise that she was smoking again with the rest of them.  Again though, 100% of my attention was laser-focused on her as I stood to their left undetected and watched her smoke her entire cigarette, this time appearing to up her pace from the previous two outings as I’m sure her blackened lungs were particularly starved for nicotine after the long concert.  And while her pace picked up, her style didn’t change.  Long six-second dangling drags were still the rule rather than the exception, with dangling drags as she played with her hair coming two more times.

I’m not sure if it was a lighting issue this time or not but I wasn’t able to see her exhales very well, save for one.  Perhaps it was less about lack of lighting preventing me from seeing the smoke exiting her mouth and more about the fact that her lungs weren’t letting any of the smoke out of them after two hours of cruel deprivation.  Either way, she finished her cigarette long before the others in her group and I noticed her beginning to walk away from the spot, clearly without a cigarette in her hand anymore, while nudging the other females to move it along and follow her even though they were all still smoking.  I watched them walk away for the final time last night and confirmed again that she was without a cigarette.  So where did it go?  I walked around in the area where she stood and a glowing beacon of burning red tobacco lay on the grass, the smoldering remains of a Marlboro Light that she had disposed of seconds earlier.  If there was any doubt that she was my best girl of the night, that doubt was no longer in dispute.

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