ISF #27. A Mother-Daughter Classic In My Opening Hour at My First Iowa State Fair

My first trip to the Iowa State Fair back in 2006 still remains my second favorite, and part of the reason that’s the case is that I went in with irrationally low expectations.  Here I was, climbing out of the shuttle bus on the east side of Des Moines and entering the Iowa State Fairgrounds on a perfect summer day…and I was in a mellow if not downright depressed mood.  For some strange reason, I was anticipating a very unproductive day and despite assurances to the contrary from a guy on the Smoking Ladies Board who grew up in Iowa and told me the Iowa State Fair was gonna be a fantastic venue, I just didn’t think it would be.  The only nugget of evidence that would lead me towards this conclusion is that in the year 2000, the fair board for the ISF decided to have undercover cops issue citations to underage smokers caught on the grounds.  After that first year though, it appears busting underage smokers was no longer a priority as they discontinued the practice.

Still, I just had a bad feeling about that day, and after perusing the fairgrounds for about 20 minutes with only a couple mediocre sightings, I further convinced myself my instinct was right.  But things were about to change in a big way with my first Iowa State Fair blockbuster…

I was taking a stroll down a remote street on the grounds with side entrances to a lot of the livestock barns. This didn’t seem to be a likely venue for a blockbuster sighting, but all too often, the least likely places serve up the most satisfying material. Such was the case here as I passed a bench and immediately noticed a 40-something mother enjoying a cigarette and quickly took notice that her cute teenage daughter was sitting next to her and was also smoking . I took a seat on the bench parallel to theirs about 10 feet away. A truck in front of both of us with horses poking their noses out provided me a venue to watch them without being too conspicuous.

The girl couldn’t have been any older than 16. She was a very cute brunette with shoulder-length hair and had a very country look including a pair of blue jeans that looked straight from the farm but nonetheless framed her shapely ass beautifully. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a farm girl participant in the livestock shows. She was adorable dragging on that all-white while sitting right next to mom and I got to see most of her performance over the course of the next several moments.  There was an open garbage can that she tossed the cigarette butt into and prevented me from seeing the brand.  Clearly the teen smoking enforcement from six years earlier was no longer a priority!  A devotion to nicotine passed down through matriarchal lines to a sweet young daughter….not a bad way to start the day and one of the more memorable mother-daughter sightings I’ve ever scored at any fair setting.

This is a sentimental favorite since it was my first sighting of significance at the Iowa State Fair, but the very next sighting I scored is a sighting that is still coming far ahead on this list.  With less than one hour into the Iowa State Fair, be sure that my melancholy mood after I first entered the grounds was long since gone!

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