ISF #15. SOS! Smoker Girls on All Sides

I was having a decent if unsubstantial day at the Iowa State Fair on my all-day Saturday visit in 2008.  It was late in the evening, somewhere around 10 p.m., and my feet were killing me, so I had just sat on a bench and enjoyed a sighting that came to me for about 10 minutes.  After that much needed rest, I had recovered to the point where I could press on, and my timing again proved successful as I had journeyed about a block northward past the beer gardens (where I scored a few modest sightings) to stumble upon what would be the most abundant source of sightings I came across all day, and ultimately my top sighting of the day as well.

Immediately grabbing my attention was Sighting #75 of the day, where I caught a glimpse of a very pretty 21-ish blond with her curly medium-length hair contained in a ponytail seated on a bench. Between her fingers I saw darkness with a glowing ember at the end, and the darkness of what she was holding immediately brought to mind the nuclear option….a cigar. There was a burm area right behind the bench where this blond, and a modest but less attractive brunette friend seated next to her (Sighting #76), providing me a perfect location to observe from behind. She only took one drag from the dark cigarette/cigar between her fingers before crushing it out on the pavement beneath her. Meanwhile, the friend next to her was still smoking on her cigarette. I obviously thought the best of this sighting had passed, but about 30 seconds later, the attractive blond would insert another cigarette in her mouth, this time a traditional cork filter cigarette. Apparently, if her friend was gonna take that damn long to have a smoke, she was gonna by God have a second smoke rather than give her lungs a break. I focused like a laser on the blonde and saw some deep and impressive inhales, followed by some equally impressive combination nostril-mouth exhales that I was positioned just perfectly to watch yet avoid being spotted…..

With all this excitement going on in front of me, it had almost escaped my notice that there was even more excitement going on very close to me. To my right was an 18-ish blond cutie sitting by herself and smoking a cigarette…that would be Sighting #77. Not sure how I missed this as she was only a few feet away from me. I could see the Marlboro logo on the cork filter she was intensely dragging from it, but I unfortunately was unable to observe much given that I was too close to avoid being detected. Then to my left was a young and moderately attractive 20-something brunette mom also having a smoke break (Sighting #78). For those keeping score, you read right. I had four young female nicotine addicts surrounding me, with two to my front, one to my left and one to my right. I love the Iowa State Fair! The young blond to my right appeared to be in a hurry, finishing off her Marlboro and crushing it out before taking off rather abruptly. This allowed me to focus all my attention on the blonde hottie in front of me, still smoking that second cigarette of hers. She kept on puffing for a couple more minutes before crushing the second cigarette out as well, and then quickly taking off with the friend.

I finally got the first full-profile view as they walked away, and the blond was definitely prettier, with a shapely body contained in a tanktop and capri pants. Very sexy. There was only one last mystery to solve here, and I would advance to the bench they were seated at to figure it out. I looked below my feet to find her recently crushed cork filter was a Marlboro Red. But what about that dark cylinder of tobacco I saw her with a few minutes earlier? I quickly spotted the black cigarette filter with the logo “Black” on the butt. Now I first became aware of these Blacks a few months ago, noticing that a young couple who lived in my apartment building smoked them. I know nothing about them, except that I find their exoticism kinda sexy the same way I find Mores sexy. With that in mind, I think this blonde was probably my favorite smoker of the day, so addicted to cigarettes that she carries packs of different brands in her purse and smokes them back-to-back interchangeably. Suddenly, my aching feet didn’t seem to hurt so bad anymore!

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