ISF #11. Stealth Mid-Teen Duo Sneaks A Smoke Right Out In The Open

It was a fluke of luck and long-time fetisher’s intuition that led me to my best sighting of the day during my Saturday visit to the 2011 Iowa State Fair rather than simply walk right past as I could very easily have done.  I was making a loop down the Grand Concourse at around 1:30 on the northwestern edge of the grounds, scanning the crowd as I always do for smoking.  I passed a duo of mid-teen girls, one of whom had an IT factor but in my split-second observation of her didn’t get a smoker vibe.  But I caught something in her hand as I walked past that raised some suspicions.  As I got a few yards away, it continued to nag me that there was more to this girl than met the eye, so I turned around and started following, looking at the hand to see if I could figure out what it was.

It wasn’t big enough to be a pack of cigarettes but the way she was cupping her hand led me to believe she was holding something she wasn’t supposed to be.  Sure enough….as I got closer, I could tell it was a green lighter and an unlit cigarette.  My heart started racing when I came to this epiphany, and though her back was to me, I began looking her over more closely.   She was a curly-haired light brunette who had a body to die for with above-average height (I’d guess about 5’8” or 5’9”) wearing a nice-fitting black and white striped tanktop and a pair of killer jean shorts that perfectly wrapped her lower body, framing her adorable bubble butt and coming to an end just underneath her asscheeks, leaving those long tan legs on full display.  But my observation of her body would come to a temporary conclusion as she finally raised what was in her hand to her mouth, inserting that cigarette between her lips and firing up.  And that’s when the real show began….

She then proceeded to hand the friend the lighter, and then the friend, who I’ll describe in more detail later, put the lighter in her bookbag, indicating she was the cigarette supplier.  The girls then proceeded into the area by the DNR building with the birds in the water.  Cutie placed the cigarette in her mouth and took her first drag, and while it wasn’t anything profoundly epic, it was nonetheless impressive with a good four seconds of dragging, another four seconds or so of holding, and then a cloudy exhale.  She exhaled a brief distance in front of a middle-aged woman and while the woman didn’t get hit with the girl’s exhale, she nonetheless developed this scowl on her face as she passed them, clearly not pleased with this open display of underage tobacco consumption.

It was soon clear that the girls were gonna turn around, and I welcomed the opportunity to see the smoker up-close for the first time.  And then it happened….and I could not have possibly caught her at a more perfect time as she turned around and faced me, with her beaming smile revealing a mouthful of braces and look of pure mid-teen innocence.  Combine her Midwestern sweetheart look with those skin-tight jean shorts that so perfectly framed her awesome body and I was reminded of exactly the kind of girl who I go to all these fairs to see smoking.  Right there, not five feet in front of me, was the embodiment of why I spend endless hours searching fairgrounds every August.

More times than not, you know when you’re experiencing what will be your best sighting of the day and I knew I was in the middle of it now, and savored it thoroughly as I followed these girls down the Grand Concourse.  And I quickly discovered that I was lucky that I saw these girls when I did because never in my many years of fetishing have I encountered such a stealth smoking display.  The girl was clearly a master of sneaking cigarettes, cupping her cigarette hand to the point that I would have most likely walked past without even detecting that she was a smoker if I hadn’t known already.   But every minute or so, when she thought nobody would see her, she would raise that cigarette to her mouth  and take a nice long drag, holding the smoke for an impressive amount of time and then exhaling.  After a handful of drags, she then turned into a two-for-one by handing the cigarette to the friend, a much more petite dark-complected brunette who like my preferred girl looked about 15 and also didn’t give off a definite smoker vibe.  She proved herself an accomplished smoker as well, taking very nice drags and producing impressive blasts of exhaled smoke.  Had this girl been the only smoker of the duo, it still would have been a great sighting because of her age, but she clearly lacked the IT factor of her taller and more wholesome-looking friend.

But anyway, the second girl was incredibly paranoid herself, cupping her cigarette hand deftly and only taking drags when she didn’t think anyone was looking.  These were easily the most paranoid young teen smokers I’ve ever come across, and while it was cute, it took away a little from the sighting since I really prefer unashamed young smokers who flaunt their addictions.   After about three drags, she handed the cigarette back to my favorite girl and I was thrilled, but as she walked through the busy blocks immediately in front of the grandstand, she simply cupped the cigarette without dragging and it was getting frustrating.

But as the girls migrated into the midway, I saw the friend taking her bag off her back and I knew she was going for the lighter again to reignite the cigarette.   I watched from a distance as cutie placed the two-thirds smoked cigarette in her mouth and took the green lighter from the friend to fire it up again.  They stood there finishing off the cigarette taking a couple more nice drags much like her previous drags before handing it to the friend for an equally impressive final drag.  It never ceases to amaze me how in this day and age, mid-teen girls get to be such accomplished smokers.  The darker brunette dropped the butt to the ground and crushed it out before moving just a few feet ahead to buy tickets for the midway rides.   As I approached, I took one final look at that cute girl’s amazing ass in those jean shorts, hoping I hadn’t seen the last of these girls for the day but recognizing I very well may have.  The discarded butt was an all-white Marlboro with a blue ring around it, which I suspect are the new Marlboro Skyline brand.  Whatever the case, the day had new momentum now and even though I wouldn’t top this sighting that day, I gave it a run for its money a few times.

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