FCF #12. Wheelchair Hotties With Nicotine “Crutches”

Here was a two-night saga from the 2010 county fair that stands out because of its uniqueness.  This was the first night at my local county fair and I was perusing the grounds with buddy Corey and preparing to get a seat for the Justin Moore concert scheduled to begin in about a half hour.  Picking it up from there….

Corey is a former 4-Her and runs into tons of people he knows at the fair, and many try to stop and chat to him, which severely cramps my style.  Anyway, when we finally broke free from people Corey knew, he went to get a malt at a carnival stand and I decided to be proactive to the point of bullying by telling him I was gonna go grab our seat in the grandstand in preparation for the show that was to begin in about 40 minutes.  My motives should be obvious….securing our seat overlooking the smoking area near the north side gate.  It was a humid night so I used the excuse that we’d have as good of a breeze as we were gonna find at that spot.  Corey’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer and bought it hook, line, and sinker.  So off I went to secure that spot….at just the right time to score my favorite sighting of the night.

I turned the corner approaching the smoking area near the north side gate.  Right away, I saw a moderately attractive 21ish brunette standing smoking.  She was fair, but nothing to get my blood plumping.  In a circle near her was a heavyset gal who I didn’t even count and an adorable 13ish girl who looked too young to be a smoker and wasn’t.  They stood in a circle because they were surrounding someone sitting in a wheelchair.  It was almost an afterthought for me to even look at who was sitting in that wheelchair as I expected it would be the brunette’s crippled middle-aged mother or something.  Imagine my shock when it was a cutiepie 18ish ponytailed dark blonde…and she was smoking a cigarette.  This girl was not a knockout beauty but she was really cute, and the arrangement made things even cuter.  She sat there in a white tanktop and short jean shorts with incredibly smooth legs coming out of them.  There was no visible broken leg or anything of the like so perhaps this girl has some serious crippling injury or paralysis.  She sat atop a pink blanket she was apparently using as a cushion for what had to be an awesome sexy ass.  And resting atop that bare leg of her was a pack of Marlboro 27 Blends.  She wore that pack of Marlboros with pride and made sure everybody could see it perched right there on her sexy leg.

I hightailed it up to my spot and watched from above.  She took intense drags that lasted a good four seconds.  Her exhales weren’t as impressive but it was very obvious this girl was ferociously addicted to cigarettes.  When she finished the cigarette, the brunette friend wheeled her back into the grandstand, right up near the front near the stage where the handicapped watch the shows.  I was practically hyperventilating with excitement, but the only downside was it would have been nearly impossible to swoop down to that smoking area and determine which cigarette butt belonged to which smoker.  Either way, I was more than happy to just watch this show….

And what a show it would end up being as I scored a couple other memorable sightings in the next several minutes.  The show was scheduled to start at 8:30 but as usual would be running a little late.  And just as 8:30 was approaching what did I see as I looked towards the crowd but a certain teen cutie in a wheelchair get wheeled out once again, not 10 minutes after her last cigarette, to fill her crippled body up with another shot of nicotine, tar, and assorted cancer-causing carcinogens.  As she was getting wheeled out, there it sat again….that bronze pack of Marlboro 27 Blends displayed like a trophy on her adorable bare-skinned lap, where she must keep it permanently on display.  Both her and the brunette wheeling her out fired up another cigarette.  I paid little attention to the brunette and focused all my attention on this cutiepie in the wheelchair taking her intense four-second drags before persing her lips into an O shape and exhaling toxic chemical clouds into the early evening sky.  Numerous people took notice at this cute barely legal jean-shorted girl in a wheelchair smoking a cigarette, including Corey who I saw looking at her and some of the other smokers semiregularly as well.  Makes me wonder if Corey may have a touch of the fetish himself.  I know he’s dated at least one hot smoker before.  Anyway, the girl was wheeled back in, but I’m STILL not finished with that adorable and stinky young invalid.

Fast forward to the end of the concert…. I got lucky after the concert ended as Corey bid adieu and headed out immediately.  This allowed me to stand guard at the gates of the grandstand in hopes of seeing you know who.  And sure enough, a few minutes after I left, the rest of the crowd was spilling out, including a certain late teen cutie in a wheelchair. The brunette friend was wheeling her out and had a freshly lit cigarette dangling from her lips for a significant amount of time as she pushed her friend….who was also smoking another cigarette.  I got the sense these girls were heavy smokers, so it had to have been a helluva long sit with that tempting bronze pack of Marlboros on her leg that she couldn’t tap into until the concert ended.  Once again, tagging along, was the 13ish nonsmoker girl, who must have been the younger sister of one of the smokers.

An interesting detour then emerged as a cluster of local dudes formed a joking barricade in front of the smoker in the wheelchair…and then began chatting her up.  It was clear now that this was indeed a local girl, and I’m still curious to her story of why she was in a wheelchair.  Whatever the case, for the next hour, the girl and her friend were in a cluster with these several guys, all nonsmokers, flirting and chatting with them.  About 15 minutes after I departed them the first time, I would return to see the girl in the wheelchair and her brunette friend smoking another round of cigarettes, their fourth of the night just within the narrow timeframe that I got to observe.

Just one night of multiple sightings from that girl would have been impressive enough, but two nights later she’d be back….

Corey, his girlfriend, and about six members of her family came up and joined me in the usual spot awaiting the start of the Jo Dee Messina concert.  It didn’t really cramp my style too much when they joined me, but it did coincide with a massive encore development of one of my favorites…..

Looking down to that grandstand exit, you can’t even imagine my elation when I saw a wheelchair.  You guessed it, that adorable late-teen brunette in the wheelchair was getting wheeled into another show by her brunette friend, and this time they were in the company of two guys, also looking about 18.  Two out of three things were going well here as I watched them enter the gate.  First, she was wearing white shorts.  Second, she once again had her pack of Marlboro 27s displayed like a trophy on her leg.  But the one thing that wasn’t going, aside from the fact that she wasn’t smoking at that very moment, was that she had some strange-looking nylon leg warmers on well above her knees (it was a somewhat cool night at the fair) so I wasn’t able to appreciate those smooth bare legs of hers.

And not five minutes after their arrival, I looked out to see the nicotine gimp getting wheeled out by her brunette friend for a final cigarette before the concert.  Damn this girl has herself an addiction.  The brunette got out her own pack and the cutie in the wheelchair had the Marlboro 27 in her lips even before she was officially out of the grandstand area.  She sat there smoking in the exact same adorable style she did on Tuesday night….with long drags and then pursing her lips into an O shape to expel the smoke from her mouth.  All very cute, but cutest of all….the two guys in their party came outside with the smoker girls…but neither of the guys smoked while their friends/girlfriends were shamelessly stinking the place up.  The group would leave the concert about halfway through and not return, but as she was wheeled past me one more time, I took a special appreciation for her very pretty face…as well that pack of Marlboro 27s that must be permanently glued to her lap.  She was pulling one out to light up just as she was wheeled out of sight.

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