FCF #9. Selena Gomez Kid Sister Openly Smoking Multiple Newports

This sighting found its way to the top of my list for 2012 mostly because of the ongoing saga aspect of what was an immensely satisfying and highly unlikely sighting even in the beginning.  The saga began on the opening night of my 2012 local county fair and I was already riding high having just witnessed back-to-back sightings from the woolly beret girl and her friend (FCF #16), but when I proceeded from that sighting into the midway at around 11 p.m. things honestly got just ridiculous….

I was passing a cluster of four mid-teen girls who I had seen earlier in the evening and had been intrigued by.  They were standing in a huddle in the middle of the midway and I almost soiled my shorts when I saw a cigarette approach the lips of this brunette in the group.  Now all four of these girls were adorable and I didn’t get a smoking vibe from any of them.  Hard to say if this girl was the prettiest in the group or not as they were all complete cuties, and none a day over 15, but she was hot.  Dark brown hair just over her shoulders and a face that resembled a non-Latino Selena Gomez, she was wearing a black tanktop and a pair of fire engine red shorts that looked just smolderingly hot on her.  Positioning was gonna be brutal with this one, but if any girl was worth taking an epic risk on it was her.

I watched her first drag and it was as close to a puff and blow as you’re ever gonna find it was so quick.  Awww, she’s just a baby!  Or so I thought.  Unsatisfied with my positioning, I moved behind her for a bit.  She took a second drag about 30 seconds later, and while it was brief, she held the smoke in her lungs longer than I expected….and then proceeded to turn her head straight up to the sky and release an incredibly tight and voluminous plume of smoke directed straight to the furthest stars on the Milky Way!  Where the hell did that come from?!?!?

I had to constantly change positions for this one, and in doing so, came across another distraction, a 19-20ish guy and girl where the girl was smoking.  While that girl was impressive, I was gonna have to let her go….because you don’t see a midteen girl this wholesome smoking publicly often….and I had one in front of me.  This sighting reminded me of my classic MNSF #16 from 2001, where only one girl amidst a cluster of wholesome mid-teens on the midway was a smoker and the others were waiting for her.  Regrettably, I never could find just the right vantage point where my eyes could penetrate this feminine cluster and focus solely on this one girl, but I did see the remainder of her drags and exhales, which were more of the beginner variety like the first one.  Still don’t know where that second blast came from with her!  She dropped the cigarette to the dirt and covered it up in dirt with her foot before the group pressed on, making it a challenge for me to identify it….but not a challenge I couldn’t overcome as I spotted the cork filter poking just out of the dirt under where she stood.  I dropped down and fished around, hoping nobody was looking, and discovered it was a Newport!  The slow-motion penetration of Newports into the Upper Midwestern cigarette market continues….with one of the cutest and youngest smoker girls ever scored at the county fair.

About 20 minutes later, I’d see her again in the company of one of her friends, sitting at a cluster of benches near the grandstand . The benches were wide open behind them so I took it and began texting, looking up to see their faces again.  I didn’t get a great vantage point during the sighting, but I certainly got to see how pretty she was this time.  They were drinking smoothies but not smoking, but I got to thinking that if I waited these two out, I could probably see her light up again when leaving the grounds.  I proceeded with my plan…..but they walked towards the shuttle buses and would be riding out of the grounds rather than walking, so I couldn’t follow.   For whatever reason I didn’t anticipate seeing any encore smoking performances from this girl on subsequent nights at the local fair, but boy was I ever wrong….

Two nights later, I had already had tremendous success with Thursday evening fetishing, but it was about a half hour after the Thompson Square concert that I hit my peak heading from the midway to the north side of the fairgrounds by the cattle buildings, where I recognized her the instant I saw her…..the 15-year-old wholesome brunette who was the only smoker amidst her friends group on Tuesday night.  Three of the friends with her the previous night were with her again….and just like Tuesday, they weren’t smoking…but she was.  And her positioning was getting bolder, standing in the middle of the street on the north side with far more passersby than would have been found on the midway Tuesday night.  And after scrambling to find an open bench with a good vantage point, I got creative and sat in this empty lawn chair somebody from one of the nearby buildings sat out.  She was literally right in front of me, smoking largely the way she did two nights earlier with fairly shallow drags and modest exhales.  She sure seemed like a rookie, but it was impressive how much this “rookie” needed to smoke in a public place to get her nicotine fix.  It seemed like her hair was longer Thursday than I remembered it being on Tuesday, flowing over her shoulder and onto her black tanktop.  Below the waist she had a subtle but sexy pair of skimpy dark jean shorts, with those nice long teenage legs extending from them.  I was able to see a good six drags before she dropped the butt to the ground and crushed it out.  The girls cooperated by leaving in mere moments and identifying the butt was a cinch.  Again, it was a Newport.

From there I went on an unproductive midway loop and by the time I finished, I saw two of the 15ish friends of my Newport girl standing outside the women’s bathroom.  Hmm…I thought.  It might be worth finding a seat and lingering here just in case.  For whatever reason, I waited and waited and waited and the friends were standing outside while the other two were inside.  Besides, she just smoked…and she seemed like a rookie smoker with beginner drags.  There’s no way she would smoke again not even 15 minutes after her last one, and if she did I would positively piss myself.  I walked away briefly but after a quarter loop I returned in time to find all four friends walking away from the bathroom…and I’ll be God-damned if that adorable underage brunette wasn’t extracting that pack of Newports from her little purse again.

I followed as closely as I felt comfortable doing and watched her once again hold up her friends by lighting her second Newport in the last 15 minutes.  How could a girl who was so obviously such a baby smoker be so addicted that she needs to smoke this often?!?!?!  And best of all, she was drifting to the most public part of the grandstand, having escalated her boldness over the course of three cigarettes in two evenings to the point that scores of people were passing her and taking notice of this clearly underage girl smoking.  This was a double-edged sword though.  For whatever reason they just stood at the edge of the main walkway of the fairgrounds blocking traffic…and my girl now held her cigarette hand up to her face with a bent-elbow pose, carrying herself more like a perfect avatar of a 15-year-old smoker girl and looking more like Selena Gomez’s baby sister than at any other point in which I had observed her.  The only problem was I had no good place to watch and found myself weaving in and out of various spots trying to see this play out.  Unfortunately during this weaving, I managed to lose them and wouldn’t see her smoking again.  I did see her and the friends on the grounds multiple times in the last 45 minutes of the fair, but she didn’t smoke again.

And unfortunately, the last two nights at the fair didn’t produce either, even though my girl was there both nights.  My timing was bad on Friday, where the beginning of an epic thunderstorm came from out of nowhere and ended the evening for everybody right around 11:15, only moments before it seemed likely she would light up.  And on Saturday night, I only spotted her once, this time with her brunette hair hanging over her right shoulder in an adorable braid, but unfortunately without a cigarette.  Even without any final smoking appearances for her to really send her stature into a legendary place, it’s hard to deny she was the Most Valuable Player of the 2012 fair season, marking the first time since 2005 that my best smoker girl of the year came from the local county fair.  The beauty part is that of all the smoker girls of 2012, the prospects for a 2013 encore are highest for this girl.


2013 Update:  In the 10 p.m. hour of my Wednesday night at the 2013 county fair, I had been in hot pursuit of a group of wholesome mid-teen cuties who settled near the back side of the midway near the “big kid rides” after I falsely thought I heard say “having a cigarette”.  They never did come through, but they led me to somebody else who did.  As I was finally getting ready to exit the midway, here came a cluster of four guys and two girls with one very familiar face.  It was last year’s 15-year-old Selena Gomez lookalike, the star sighting of the 2012 FCF who I saw smoking three cigarettes last year, including two of them only a few minutes apart.  Well she’s back…and she’s got herself yet another cigarette for 2013!   First of all, she doesn’t look at all like Selena Gomez anymore, even though I still instantly identified her.  With another year of maturity, that innocent look she was rocking last year is gone….and now she looks much more confident and mature….and suffice it to say her smoking style has matured as well.  Last year she was sort of on the line with some noticeably beginner drags and exhales interspersed with a few that looked a little more skilled.  Fast forward to August 1, 2013, and she was sticking the landing with every deep drag and every robust, cloudy exhale.  For such occasions in the future, I need to make sure I print off certificates of graduation to hand out to these girls.

At least when I first saw her, she was the only one of the group of six smoking.  The only other girl with her was the same Hispanic or Asian (not sure which, maybe a mix) friend who was among her entirely female posse last year.  But some dudes with good taste have latched onto this action and are keeping close company with this fast-maturing smoker.  The Asian friend got nailed at least once with a reckless and cloudy exhale and the guys were never far away from her blasts either.  They formed a circle near the back of the midway and my brunette, who by the way was rocking a white tanktop and very tiny black shorts showing off those long legs of hers, was joined by one of the males in the group who lit a cigarette of his own, although I think it might have come from her pack.  Whatever the case, I tried to get my first after-dark photo but it was just too risky at this spot, so I awkwardly settled back and watched the show, proud of last year’s little girl smoker for having matured into a woman smoker even if she’s still only 16 (or possibly 17).  She crushed out the cigarette into the dirt and much as I wanted to identify it, the guy was still smoking his cigarette so I knew I’d have to wait.  Thankfully she helped me pass the time nicely by digging a white hoodie out of her bag and slipping it on, hood included.  It was a pretty cool night, but there’s no cuter contrast than a hoodie and a pair of the tiniest shorts you’ve ever seen.  Eventually she and the group walked away and I approached the cigarette butt.  It warmed my heart to see she was sticking with Newports.

In moments I made another attempt to exit the midway but was sidetracked by another smoking hottie, and the delay timed my midway exit perfectly as I was heading up to the north side of the grounds for a drink of water.  And who was coming my direction but the mid-teen Newport girl that used to look like Selena Gomez and her group of friends.  The same guy who smoked before was smoking again now….and so was the Newport brunette who is probably at least a pack a day smoker by now.  I couldn’t linger and watch as I did before (which by the way was at most 10 minutes earlier) but hovered just long enough to see a couple more drags and exhales, and they continued to dazzle well beyond her tender years.  The beauty of the FCF is it’s my only venue where I have a reasonable expectation of seeing smoker girls mature year to year given its relatively small size compared to other venues.  With luck, Newport Selena would return in the next three nights and dazzle me some more.

Unfortunately, while she did return the next night, it was to take a seat in the grandstand at the Dustin Lynch concert with a friend.  She was wearing another of her tanktops and microscopic jean shorts, and was ascending the stairs and appearing to come to a stop right next to the row where I was seated, but then she and the friend turned left instead of right and migrated to a place out of view.  Still, I convinced myself this girl could never last the entire concert without smoking so I’d probably see her out in the smoking area soon enough…but I didn’t.  And after the concert, I spotted her and the friend with two guys on the midway.  I even followed them for a bit, but unlike last night my timing was off with her tonight as I didn’t see her smoke at all this evening….or for the rest of the fair for that matter.

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