FCF #54. Blond Teen Daughter Upstages Mom In Smoking Performance Following Fair Concert

I went in to the Kane Brown concert on the opening night of my 2017 local county fair with reasonably high expectations and hoped it would deliver the preferred demographic for a night with a lot of sightings. And even though the concert started late because of a storm, Mr. Brown did deliver that demographic I hoped he would!

About an hour earlier in the evening, I caught a mother-teen daughter duo that I got an immediate smoker vibe from. Mom was probably early 40s and an average-looking blond with a cowgirl hat, but the daughter was petite and a firecracker, with shoulder-length blond hair, a black bare-midriff tanktop and jean shorts. She had the telling features of a smoker despite a presentation that made her look 15 from a distance. She had an unfortunate but small tattoo on her shoulder that led me to believe she was probably 18 or 19. I took a mental note of this girl when I saw her walking around outside the concert earlier in the evening, so when I saw mom, daughter, and two other 18-21 girls hovering outside the smoking area as the concert was dismissing, I was ready for them! I suppose the best-case scenario would have been the other two young female friends smoking as well, but they didn’t….it was only mom and daughter. A bench was open giving me a front-row seat to one hell of a sighting.

All of my attention was trained on that barely-legal daughter and I wanted so much to take a pic but the departing crowd was dense enough that my prospects for a good one, especially at night, were not good. Anyway, the daughter was a slow smoker with frustrating pacing on her drags, but when she did take a drag, sweet Jesus did she ever drag. The all-white cigarette approached her lips and spent all summer there, my eyes and mind getting lost in watching her respiratory system turn that cherry bright red. Her first drag that I witnessed lasted at least seven seconds, and the exhale didn’t really seem to do justice to expelling the full contents of what her black lungs consumed, suggesting much of the smoke was staying inside of her. Not every drag she took was THAT intense, but a couple more were, lasting at least seven seconds and completely putting to shame the mediocre smoking performance of her mother….

The group of four then became mobile and mom wanted to buy a bottle of water from a nearby stand before departing for the evening, and I just had to follow as that cute little stinky daughter was still smoking her cigarette. Adorably, she waited until she was in the middle of the biggest bottleneck on the busiest block of the grounds before placing that two-thirds-smoked cigarette in her mouth and taking a drag every bit as intense as the first I saw from her, lasting a good seven seconds, right in the middle of a huddle of humanity. Her reckless exhale made no effort to spare any of the dozens of innocent people in close proximity to her exhaled filth. Mom was done with her cigarette by now so the daughter was the only one smoking, and it was no easy task keeping pace with her in this heavy crowd, but I managed to and didn’t miss any of her last three drags which were all intense and all taken in the presence of multiple bystanders, undoubtedly some of whom were taken aback by this girl’s petiteness and cuteness and believing as I did on first look that she was probably a mid-teen. As we hit a bit of a clearing towards the end, I got to admire her ass in those jean shorts in between drags one last time before she took a final drag and dropped the all-white to the pavement and crushed it out while walking away with her group. I approached and discovered the butt was a Camel Light Menthol.

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