FCF #6. Shiny Golden Purses, Jeans With Exposed Asscheeks, And Multiple Smoker Girls At The Gas Station

Until 2010 stole its thunder, 2005 was my best year at the local fair as I scored three of my top-10 county fair sightings of all-time at the fair over the course of three successive nights. On Thursday night, I was again in attendance of a grandstand concert and seated at the back where I could look down on the fairgrounds behind me and spy on hot chicks without being conspicuous. This is an imperfect location as the girls are too far away to fully appreciate, particularly when they’re smoking, but at the time I found it to be the only place where one can observe so much territory until I discovered the north side smoking area a few years later which are much more user-friendly.

Anyway, this one group of girls that was circling the grounds constantly grabbed my attention. It was a little hard to tell how old they were, especially the way young girls doll up these days, but I’m guessing they were in the 16-17 range. The standout girl of the three was a blond bombshell with long curly hair, a glamorous shiny gold purse that sparkled like a diamond almost wherever she happened to be on the grounds, and a pair of painted-on jeans with multiple holes. The most alluring, and the least accidental, of the holes on her jeans was a three or four-inch slit right under her left ass cheek. From what I could tell, there were no panties underneath the torn jeans, only bare teenage female buttocks. Clearly, these girls were full of vinegar…so I kept hoping to see a pack of Marlboro Lights emerge from that shiny gold purse of hers…but I never did.

I got plenty of modest sightings that evening, but was a little disappointed about the lost opportunities as I exited the fair gate around 9:15. As I pulled out of the lot, for whatever reason, I decided to take the long way through town to get home, passing down one of the main arteries in town. There’s this gas station attached to a mini-mall where I frequently observe street traffic and gas station sightings during the day. As I approached the station, I noticed an attractive 16-ish blond sitting on the curb in front of the store’s entrance..and quickly decided my car needed a little gas. I made the left turn into the station and pulled to the pump closest to her. She was a beauty, and had that “likely smoker” look we can all relate to, but she was sitting out there with only a Coke in her hand, so my expectations diminished a bit.

At that point, another attractive strawberry blond exited the store with a Coke of her own, at which point the blonde went back in. Looking at these girls, I couldn’t imagine that they were 18 and old enough to be purchasing cigarettes in the store, so my expectations continued to fall. The blond exited the store again and I watched as the girls strutted to the mini-mall parking lot. Even if I wasn’t gonna be treated to a smoking performance, it was still enjoyable to see the feminine wiggle of well-proportioned 16-year-old booty in tight blue jeans.

I went into pay for my gas and was back out in 30 seconds or less. I looked the girls’ direction and noticed they were loitering at the trunk of their car. I couldn’t see them from where my car was parked, so I pulled forward in front of the station and was able to leer their direction over my shoulder. To my jubilation, a spark ignited near the mouth of the strawberry blond and a cigarette was brought to life. Seconds later, her slightly more attractive blond friend fired up her own cigarette. Then the girls proceeded to sit on the curb next to their car and smoke. I got to see a handful of impressive drags and already felt like the luckiest guy in Minnesota to have a front-row seat for this performance.

But right when I thought the sighting had hit its climax, a twist straight out of an O Henry story turned the narrative on a dime as another car pulled into the mini-mall lot and parked two stalls next to the smoking girls. Inside the car were three girls, the VERY SAME girls I saw at the fair an hour earlier. There was no doubt at all that the sultry blond flaunting her bare ass was sitting in the passenger seat waving her hand and saying hello to the friends they were meeting up with….and all three of the girls were smoking!!! The two outdoor smoking girls then climbed into the car of the other three and they proceeded to exit the lot, probably to go for a joy ride across town. I had designs of following them in traffic and finding myself parked parallel to the car full of five teen smoker babes, but the traffic was way too heavy and five or six cars entered the street before I was able to turn their direction.

Either way, suffice it to say I was happy I took the scenic drive from the fair that Thursday night.

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1 Response to FCF #6. Shiny Golden Purses, Jeans With Exposed Asscheeks, And Multiple Smoker Girls At The Gas Station

  1. ECD says:

    What you wouldn’t have given, Mark, I am sure, to have been able to climb into that car and kill your lungs with the steady exhales of five, count em five, gorgeous young beauties, puff after puff, with the group leader making a sudden decision to take all of you on a road trip to Patagonia.

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