FCF #66. A Sexy Nerd And Her Friend In A Yellow Dress Steam Up The Midway

My Thursday night at the 2012 local county fair delivered one blockbuster after another all night long, and the following was the evening’s final two-for-one flourish of smoky memories….

On my final midway run I had taken about 10 steps into the midway when here came these two hot 19ish blonds with freshly lit cigarettes between their fingers.  Both of these girls were far more wholesome than naughty-looking, so I was once again taken aback by the cigarettes in their possession.  I turned to follow them and they gravitated to a more thuggish-looking guy and girl who ironically were not smoking, but were about to have their evening get a whole lot stinkier with the arrival of these two.  I walked right past them in search of a place to sit.

One of the blonds had long and somewhat shaggy hair and was wearing a yellowish flower print dress that was really cute given the way she was demolishing her cigarette and creating very impressive exhales.  But it was the other blond that intrigued me most.  She was wearing some light black jacket, with an odd bookbag-style purse on her back.  Couple that with her little ponytail and glasses and she looked like a studious girl ready for school to begin.  Below the jacket she was wearing short jean shorts.  And as impressed as I was with the other girl’s smoking thus far, studious girl upstaged her big-time in the moments to come.

My study hall cutie got out her phone and placed the cigarette in her mouth for a 60-second dangle, and during this dangle she looked up to the friends and started talking.  One of the least likely looking girls to do a talking dangle just did one…..and when the cigarette finally came out of her mouth the volume of smoke that flowed from her face and mouth was even more dense than what came from the friend.  These were two very accomplished smokers, but my studious girl was the more accomplished of the two.  Only then the girl started getting itchy feet, making the sighting a labor to keep up with.  First she moved with the friends group to another part of the midway…and then separated from the friends and started walking solo through the midway, still wielding her cigarette and still dragging from it intensely and releasing cloudy exhales.  Perfect…I thought.  I’ll sit on a bench and identify her cigarette when she walks by and litters it.

Once again, it didn’t work out that way as she strolled past me at a fast clip and then began to weave her way through midway rides in a way that made it impossible to both follow her from a secure distance and see what was going on with the cigarette.  It was almost as if she was following somebody herself.  Through everything, the shrinking stub of a cigarette stayed in her hands.  But then she found a new friends’ group after doing a complete solo loop through the midway and stopped there, taking a final drag from her cigarette before crushing it out right in this huddle of people.  I never was able to ID her cigarette obviously, but the nerdy little sexpot sure gave me a workout pursuing her.

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