FCF #5. A Strawberry Blond, Her Mom, And Cowgirl Older Sister

Due to a shift in the concert times, local county fair fetishing became more challenging in 2008. On Saturday evening that year, I was meeting up with a cluster of old buddies that really cramped my style in terms of sightings scoring. But despite the limited fetish time, I happened to find myself in the right place at the right time yet again to score one of my best county fair sightings of all-time.

I had met the friends at a fairly secluded corner of the fairgrounds where all the farm equipment was on display and was too engrossed in conversation to be paying due heed to the female smoker foot traffic, but just when there was a lull in the conversation, a perfect opening was created for me to take notice of a tall, leggy and uberglamorous blond in the 19-20 range dragging on an all-white and decked out in a brown halter top and a denim miniskirt. This sighting would have been impressive enough by itself, but then I also observed she had a fairly diverse selection in her cluster, including what appeared to be either a brother or boyfriend, a middle-aged woman, and a very petite strawberry blond whose back was towards me, and all four were in possession of smoldering cigarettes. I didn’t see the strawberry blond’s face and had pretty much assumed she was another college-age gal who was simply very petite for her age in comparison to the towering blond. Still, it seemed odd that they would be hiding amidst the secluded farm equipment smoking their cigarettes as they were.

This sighting would have been my best of the night even if it had ended there, but this family had far more excitement in store for me. My group all went into the fairgrounds for the concert and got surprisingly good seats considering we got there fairly late. About 15 minutes into the show, I saw the tall blond college girl walking in front of me en route to the exit, and from there took note that several others from her cluster were following…and I finally got a good look at the strawberry blond. My jaw almost hit the floor when I saw how young she was. At first I thought there was no way she was older than 12, but when I noticed she had some modest breast development, I concluded that she was MAYBE 14. In complete contrast to the sexpot blonde in her posse, this petite strawberry blond was dressed in a girl-next-door fashion, with a conservative bluish button down blouse and blue jeans, that seemed a perfect fit for her sweetheart face.

I watched feverishly for this crowd to return to the grandstand to get an even closer look, and in just about the time it takes to finish smoking a cigarette, the diverse group of four would return and I was once again blown away by the bombshell beauty of the tall blond and the angelic class sweetheart look of the younger girl, who was without a doubt of middle-school age. It never ceases to amaze me to see how many teen smokers there continues to be in rural southern Minnesota when I attend the county fair, but this girl wouldn’t have fit the image of a teen smoker even 10 years ago.

Amazingly, this family (presumably) sat only a few rows behind my group and I was able to leer back every few minutes to study the scenery even more carefully, consistently unable to believe that the younger girl was a smoker every time I looked at her. The concert began to wind down and I desperately wanted an encore performance, but figured the timing would have to be pitch-perfect given that I would be exiting in the company of my group. I got really nervous when the tall blond and a couple others in the group got up to leave a bit early, presumably to smoke another cigarette. Only two remained in the grandstand….the middle-aged woman I presumed to be the mother….and the early teen strawberry blond. Fate was on my side as the two of them exited the grandstand with my group directly following. I could see the pack of Marlboro Lights in the mother’s hand and thought maybe, just maybe, I could pull off the sighting I was hoping for.

The two of them stood off by the side, likely waiting for the rest of their party to meet them. I was joined at the hip with my own party of friends and couldn’t come up with a believable excuse to part ways with them long enough to see what may be yet to come, but mercifully I didn’t have to. I watched over my shoulder as I exited the grandstand as mom opened up her pack of cigarettes and extracted TWO, handing one to the daughter and putting one in her mouth. Just as I was walking out of sight, I witnessed mom using her lighter to spark up the daughter’s cigarette. It was almost like a fairy tale, as this family did not at all resemble the kind of “white trash” stereotype that so often comes to mind with modern-day families where everyone in the household smokes. My friends were asking me if I enjoyed the concert as we were walking, but I was clearly distracted to the point of incoherence and I’m sure they were wondering what was wrong with me. Yet just when I got my composure back, I saw the rest of the party, headed by the tall blond heading to meet up with mom and daughter and taking final drags from their own cigarettes and stomping them out underneath their boots.

My only regret with this setting is that I wasn’t able to thoroughly observe consumption of the cigarettes by the females as I would have if I had been on my own. That will prevent this from rising to the very top eschelon of my all-time sightings list, but still, what an amazing thing to see in the year 2008. Wow!

Sadly, my update on this sighting does not have a happy ending.  I saw this girl again, briefly, in 2009, without a repeat incident of smoking.  Worse yet, I saw her several times in 2011, by then about 16 and still in the company of her mom and a cluster of others who were frequently smoking.  Unfortunately, despite multiple opportunities for her to smoke again, she did not.  Perhaps she or her mom was suddenly gun-shy about letting her smoke publicly or perhaps she managed to quit smoking since her very early teen years, but either way it was disappointing and resulting in this girl dropping a spot on my all-time county fair sightings list.

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