FCF #2. Teen Smoking Princess Puts On Trigger-Tripping Nicotine Show For The Ages

I’d been talking a lot of smack about the smoking area outside the grandstand at the 2013 FCF this year and for good reason as there hadn’t been a single top-tier sighting in the area for the entire fair as of that Saturday evening.  But after the epic event that took place in the final quarter of the Chris Cagle concert, all was forgiven.  It was about 9:40 p.m. when this cluster of 18-19-year-olds were hovering in the area around the gate just a couple of footsteps outside of it.  I took casual observance and a mental note of a late teen brunette that made my heart melt at the sight of her face, but only a casual look because there was no way she was the kind of girl who would smoke.

I continued to glance that direction absent-mindedly, since a fetisher never completely gives up hope on a potential prospect, but this one wasn’t even registering on my radar as a possibility.  The group was preparing some photo taking right at the threshold of the gate, and I looked again.  And I could have sworn I saw a freshly lit all-white in the hands of that brunette.  I rubbed my eyes, thinking that all these consecutive nights of stalking smoker girls was making me hallucinate, and I looked again…..because clearly life was pulling a trick on me here.  But hot damn…..she really did have a cigarette in her hand.  I looked again her face, thinking she must not have been the combination of homecoming queen, dairy princess, and Seventeen magazine cover girl that I first imagined….but if anything she was even more adorable on the second look.  Only a couple of times a year do I see a face this innocent and soft with a cigarette sticking out of it.  I saw a sighting of a brunette at a mall a couple months earlier (Mall #12) who I described as the most wholesome looking girl I’ve seen smoking all year…..well this girl made her look like a leather-draped middle-aged biker mama!

Much as I’d like to offer a celebrity comparison, there’s no teen brunette actresses on recent Disney Channel shows who I can think of as wholesome-looking as this girl, a petite and slender brunette princess with a long mane of dark and straight brown hair flowing down her back, a black tanktop and really short pale blue jean shorts that spectacularly framed her teenage ass.  Smooth legs flowed from beneath the short shorts and a pair of cowgirl boots below the knees completed the ensemble.  I was a man in love already, and this epic sighting had only just begun.  And she was about to trip more triggers than a machine gunner in the cockpit of a World War II fighter jet.

As I said, the group was posing for photos with their camera phones and I was just starting to process the players in the group.  First off, three girls posed together with their arms over each other’s shoulders.  At the left was my gorgeous brunette smoker, at the right was an unattractive and overweight brunette who was smoking an electronic cigarette (!), and in the middle was this very attractive blond who I hoped would smoke but didn’t.  She was a beauty, but light years from being in the same league as my brunette.  In between photo shots, the still long cigarette (clearly a 100) was placed in her lips for a drag.  Honestly I think there’s a real chance she posed for the shot with the cigarette in her mouth.  But the next photo was even hotter….because she was now posing with a wholesome young guy who was clearly her boyfriend….and a nonsmoking boyfriend at that.  They posed for a couple of photos, and in one of them she snuggled up to him and held her clearly visible cigarette behind his back, holding it in a protruding way where it was abundantly clear that she was trying to make sure the cigarette was included in the photo.  This girl smokes and doesn’t care who sees it when it’s posted on Facebook on Sunday morning!  There was a port-a-potty partially obstructing some of this madness but I could see 80% of it, and the cluster of five (two guys and three girls) squeezed together and my brunette took a drag from her cigarette and exhaled right into the cluster while looking at the photos they took.  And if you can imagine, it got even hotter than that when they wrapped up the photos….

My brunette sweetheart, a little over half done with her long cigarette, then started getting lovey-dovey with the nonsmoking boyfriend.  They pressed themselves together and proceeded to kiss, exchanging tongues into her fresh ashtray mouth.  And after they pulled their lips apart, they were still snuggling together almost cheek to cheek when it happened.  She took a nice drag from her cigarette and exhaled.  I swear her snootful of carcinogenic smoke was two inches from his face before a direct hit…the closest direct hit I’ve ever seen by a smoker girl in my life.  And it seemed unintentional!  There has to be an understood smoking fetish in this relationship….because no other nonsmoking guy could be this accepting while no smoking girl dating a nonsmoking guy could be this obnoxious if there wasn’t!  After the PDA ended, she was on the home stretch of her cigarette and I was able to watch her drags.  Her style itself wasn’t distinctive per se, but she took some sweet long drags where much of the smoke must have stayed inside her lungs because the exhales themselves seemed modest compared to the amount of smoke she took in.  I was waiting for her to lose the cigarette, even though I feared she would drop it to the sidewalk and stub it out, then stick around leaving me unable to identify it.  But the unexpected happened even here.  After a final drag, she proceeded to fling the cigarette about five yards to her left into the grass, the sexiest way for a girl to lose her cigarette for me due to the unthinkable obnoxiousness of it and making it very helpful for me to locate it.  Needless to say, I exited the Chris Cagle concert at that exact moment.

I ran to the grass and had a perfect opening to locate the smoldering all-white on the grass, stepping out the cherry with my foot and then kneeling down to ID it.  And then I saw something I didn’t anticipate.  It was a Pall Mall Light!  I had about two seconds for this to be a buzzkill before I started processing the hotness of it.  Any girl that young who will smoke a subpar brand like Pall Mall Lights is a hopeless addict  in the “able to smoke anything” category and forced to save 50 cents a pack so that they can smoke more cigarettes.  I didn’t sense at first that this girl was a heavy smoker until I saw that Pall Mall label on the butt.  I may have been inclined to leave at that point, but the Pall Mall label made me stick around in the way a “Marlboro” or “Camel” may not have if that makes any sense.  And I’m glad I did because the group continued standing but moved just inside the gate.  The singer was annoying me by preaching politics on the stage which I find entirely inappropriate at a fair concert, but suffice it to say my annoyance level was subdued as the beautiful young adult couple returned to their kissyface session, presumably so the guy could lock in all of her fresh tobacco breath before it went away.  This kissyface session lasted about five minutes as the concert was starting to go slightly long.  Meanwhile, the dead smoking area produced an attractive early 20s blond behind me that would have been a big deal a half hour earlier but now was mostly elevator music as I was obsessed with this brunette babe.

As I said the concert was starting to go long and while this group wasn’t leaving, I noticed a fresh pack of Pall Mall Lights coming out of the brunette’s bag, and she proceeded to pack it for the next 30 seconds or so.  She wasn’t leaving the concert but it was pretty clear that her top priority was escaping to get her next nicotine fix.  The singer was on his final song and after it was over, the group departed, along with everyone else, creating a huge crowd that made my job of stalking her extra difficult.  The group of five pressed forward through the main block of food vendors appearing to be looking for something to eat.  Everything was going my way as they stopped at a vendor stand where a lineup of wide-open benches provided me a perfect vantage point, and my smoker who was three inches shorter than anyone else in the group, was facing me.  I didn’t know if or when she’d smoke again and started to lose hope when she placed an order for food at one of the stands.  Now most people like a smoke after they eat but this girl couldn’t wait that long.  Out came the fresh pack of Pall Mall Lights 100s which she opened up and placed a fresh long cigarette in her lips.  I watched in awe as she did an unlit dangle that lasted for 30 seconds while searching for her lighter.  It continued to blow my mind as I observed the unthinkable contrast between her precious face and the long cigarette dangling from her lips.  This is the kind of sighting I wait all year for!

And then she lit up.  The fetish gods were on my side last night as despite the grounds being packed as the concert let out, there were three wide open benches where I was able from one to another when necessary to get a closer look, and do it entirely undetected.  While there were no direct hits from her exhales, there was simply no avoiding her smoke in this huddle of 80% nonsmokers.  Again, I got to see every drag and snapped a photo.  It’s dark and blurry but you can see her silhouette in the middle of the pic.  And things managed to get even better here as the guy making her sandwich handed her the food.  With cigarette in hand, she took hold of it and proceeded to smoke while eating.  A bite of food followed by a drag from her cigarette, both of which she managed to find room for with her two hands.

This cigarette went more slowly for obvious reasons and that was just fine by me given my wide open location.  After a few bites of the sandwich, she handed it to the boyfriend who then shared it with the other guy, albeit with the brunette still picking away at it from time to time.  And needless to say, whether they wanted to or not, these dudes were eating their fair food in the “smoking section” with this girl exhaling stinky clouds only a couple feet away from them.  It’s a safe bet the people inside the food stand were getting a whiff of it too as close as she was to the open window.

After eating, it was time to go and this sighting just never stopped finding new ways to blow my mind.  Just as they were preparing to leave, my girl produced a sweet little smoker’s cough.  It was nothing fierce and hacking….just an incessant tickle from her black lungs similar to the chronic coughs I experienced from a couple of my heavier-smoking young girlfriends in recent years. This tightly compacted block of vendors was elbow to elbow with people, and the group progressed northward and my little brunette held her cigarette in her right hand with the cherry pointed outward as she walked.  As I followed I was holding my breath waiting for a shriek of pain from whatever unfortunate soul got burned by the cigarette she was brandishing so carelessly.  I never heard it but it was sheer luck on her part that she didn’t give somebody second-degree burns.

They progressed northward to a less populated area and I was relieved expecting I’d have a wide-open path to ID my second Pall Mall Lights butt from her.  But she continued to smoke slowly, arm in arm with the nonsmoking boyfriend and occasionally moving in for more stinky kisses.  They turned the corner to the sparse north side and it started to become clear they were heading towards the parking lot to leave.  But before they did, they hid in the dark to the side of this building hoping to sneak up on the other friends who they briefly separated from.  I was temporarily terrified, fearing she’d lose the cigarette while out of sight but as they advanced towards the parking lot as a group again, a plume of smoke released from her face reassured me the cigarette was still going.

I followed at a distance, hoping it was coming and that the last butt fling wasn’t merely an aberration….and then it came.  After one final drag, she carelessly flung the smoldering cigarette five yards to her right into the dirt.  Here was this girl who looked too wholesome to ever get so much as a parking ticket….and she was displaying all the characteristics of the stereotypical “rude smoker” so despised by antis right down to her reckless polluting butt disposal.

It was surprisingly hard to locate the butt in this empty and well-lit spot, but I had time and opportunity and wasn’t gonna let it go to waste.  Finally after about a minute of looking, I found the smoldering remains of an all-white Pall Mall Light.  But I was still feeling overcome with jealousy at this point of this beauty’s boyfriend, because I knew the first thing the girl would do when she got into the car was to light another cigarette.  And the first thing the boyfriend would do when he got her home would be to take those short jean shorts of her off and fuck her to within an inch of her life.   Nothing else could possibly occur at the 2013 FCF that could compare with what I spent the last half hour or more watching, but it was nonetheless time to press on with the remaining hour and a half of the evening just to make sure.  I don’t think my feet touched the ground for the rest of the night.

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