FCF #3. “Erin” Doppelganger Emerges As A Chainsmoker

2005 was one of my best years for epic sightings at the local fair, and the following stunner is an excellent example why it was so amazing. The saga began on Wednesday night around 9 p.m. Between the beer gardens and the north side of the grandstand sits a lineup of benches where fairgoers can be found taking a breather. I circled the gates of the beer gardens to see if any attractive young smokers jumped to my attention, but the layout makes it virtually impossible to observe smoking from outside the gate. Fortunately, on the final leg of my loop I came upon the lineup of tables and could see from behind this knockout blond in a gray tanktop and denim shorts holding a cell phone in one hand and a freshly lit all-white in the other.

I quickly worked my way to the other side of the benches and positioned myself to be able to eyeball her. She was an absolute knockout. Probably 18 or 19 years old with long blond hair and a look of classic beauty. She reminded me of one of the prettiest girls at my college named Erin, but she was even better looking than Erin.

I watched from fairly close proximity and observed every poetic drag. And I do mean poetic. This wasn’t just a girl smoking a cigarette. This was art! Deep and intense inhales….holding smoke in her lungs for 4-5 seconds before exhaling….symmetrical plumes of smoke streaming from her mouth and nostrils into the night sky. I could tell she noticed me watching on two different occasions, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t about to turn away from a sighting like this. I would have killed to have had the nerve to approach her.

About five minutes later, she and her attractive brunette friend (who wasn’t smoking) left the scene and walked back into the fairgrounds, probably not even aware she just gave some guy the most erotic sighting he had in months.

Two nights later….I was navigating the fairgrounds once again on Friday evening, struggling through the crowds on the main stretch where all the food vendors are. From a reasonable distance, I saw a side view of a smokin’ hot blond wearing a green tanktop, tight jeans, and wielding an all-white in her left hand. There were two guys and another girl in her cluster, none of whom were smoking at the time. The blond smoker was standing in line to order cheese curds and passed her cigarette to the guy to her left (possible boyfriend) briefly so that she could make the purchase. I wandered about 20 yards away to the first available clearing and watched as the two couples began to eat their cheese curds, with blondie alternating between bites of junk food and puffs from her beloved cigarette. As I looked at her beautiful face closely for the first time (and then looked at the brunette chick in her cluster), I realized it was THE SAME GIRL from Wednesday night who put on such an artistic smoking performance.

Regrettably, the huddled masses in this leg of the fairgrounds make for a chaotic atmosphere, and I ended up losing the blond goddess in the crowd when she wandered off. But not to worry!!!! A half hour later when I was checking out the lineup of benches near the beer gardens again, there they both were! Blondie and her brunette friend on the same bench where they sat on Wednesday night and this time both were smoking. I was not gonna be able to find a spot where I could make an inconspicuous sighting, so I walked away temporarily. I traveled to a less congested part of the fairgrounds but turned around in a couple of minutes hoping to at least get a passing glance at them, realizing they may have finished their smokes by that time.

As I approached the benches, both of the girls were walking my direction….and the blond had ANOTHER freshly lit Marlboro Light 100 (at least I think that’s what the brand was given their length) between her fingers. Allow me to recap. On two different evenings, I saw this girl four times….and all four times she was smoking a cigarette. Wild thoughts began to roam my brain (and other parts of my anatomy) on just how heavy of a smoker this beauty could be. Was I simply seeing her at high-consumption moments, or was this her routine every waking moment?

I’ve hoped like crazy in subsequent visits to the local fair that this was a local girl who would resurface, along with her chain-smoking habit, in the years to come. I haven’t seen her since, but I nonetheless feel blessed to have had those two amazing nights in 2005.

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2 Responses to FCF #3. “Erin” Doppelganger Emerges As A Chainsmoker

  1. ECD says:

    Why do girls begin to smoke? As scrawny little pre-teens, just beginning to like boys and leave childhood, invariably they take it up to join with the popular crowd, to look cool, to look sexy, to look glamorous, to look grown-up. So it is one of life’s mysteries that most of them seem to forget all about that motivation as time goes by. They forget that when they light up, they do indeed look, cool, sexy, glamorous and grown up — and they seem puzzled and uncomfortable when they start to draw lustful looks — when lustful looks were exactly what they originally desired.

    • Smokin' Mark says:

      I think most girls still like to be admired by guys and this girl was most likely one of them. In some cases, I think the times when I realize I’ve been busted I respond more sheepishly than the situation calls for, and in some cases would be well-positioned to approach the girl. I’ve never been good with random introductions though, and at the time I was unemployed and living with my parents, thus leaving me in a poor position to approach her.

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