FCF #18. Lemonade Stand Brunette Babe Shatters Record With A Nine-Cigarette County Fair

The biggest star of the 2016 local county fair proved the old adage that the road to greatness is a marathon and not a sprint, leaving a strong first impression but building upon that early impression repeatedly as the fair drug on.  It was thus fitting that her opening act was rather modest, occurring after 10 p.m. on Wednesday evening when I saw a total of three attractive 20-somethings who worked at the fair in some capacity seated in the lawn between the edge of the midway and the bathroom area.  The most attractive was the first one, a dark brunette with a nice tan wearing a navy blue top advertising whatever vendor she was working and a nice-fitting pair of tan shorts.  She was sitting there with two guys smoking a cigarette and looking beautiful doing so, but there were two problems.  She was a very slow smoker and I was not well-positioned to stick around for an extended show, forced to lurk awkwardly in an isolated area and constantly turn my head towards her to watch, which was tough since she was so slow to take drags and because there was a constant presence of guys who occasionally made eyes with me when my eyes darted that direction.  She was beautiful though and worth some risk, so when a bench opened up overlooking her, albeit from a more challenging distance, I took it.  Unfortunately by that time she was down to her last two drags.  She finished off the cigarette and left it there in the grass, walking my direction en route to the as-yet undetermined vendor she worked at and letting me get a look at her pretty face except with better lighting. She was definitely one of the more attractive gals of the night.

The Wednesday evening appetizer led the way for a blistering encore soon after I arrived a the fair on Thursday during the early evening hours well before sunset.   The previous night’s sighting from my dark brunette beauty wasn’t all it could have been between her slow smoking and the challenging logistics.  But there’s nothing better than getting a second chance and my county fair often provides those second chances.  She was sitting in the same spot with a freshly lit all-white tonight, only all by herself this time which helped me a little as I didn’t have to look past a dude in my line of vision to catch her smoking.  The previous night she had her hair in a bun and was wearing tight tan shorts, but her presentation this evening exceeded the previous evening as she now had her hair in a long, flowing ponytail that gave it more vibrancy, and had a pair of tight black leggings below her work T-shirt that showed off her curves just as nicely as the shorts the previous night.  She also had a pair of badass sunglasses at the beginning of the sighting but she removed them in a couple of moments as she was distracted attending to her phone.  As for the smoking, the slowness of her performance from the previous night was also a thing of the past as she was now working the cigarette like the pro that she was….

I couldn’t sit too close without being obvious but wish now I had because even though I got photos, they’re not as close-up as I’d prefer.  I prepared my phone and snapped a couple of pics as she sat alone in the grass with cigarette in hand, her legs crossed Indian-style.  But when I looked her way a split second after snapping a photo, I caught her with the fairly fresh cigarette dangling casually from her lips.  Oh how I wish I could have gotten this on camera, but once I spotted it I couldn’t take my eyes off of it as she let that cigarette dangle there for a good 20 seconds before puckering up her lips and taking a fierce dangling drag, letting a huge stream of smoke flow from her nose with the cigarette still in her mouth.  Now this would be the highlight of the sighting but the rest of her performance was outstanding too with fierce drags, very long hold times, and sick exhales.  I wish my pics were closer-up but I got one fantastic one that nailed her exhale, a geyser of smoke spilling from her gorgeous face, and I was able to crop and enlarge it so it looks pretty darn good.    The location that was so challenging the previous night served me pretty well tonight and I watched her smoke the whole cigarette, crushing it out into the grass before standing up and revealing her hot body in full in those tight leggings.  She was holding the pack in her hands and it looked like either Marlboro Lights or the ML Special Blends.  I walked over to where she sat but since the fair workers seem to all sit here to smoke there were butts everywhere and I couldn’t make out which was hers.  It’s actually a good bet that several of them were hers!  I followed her this time and was able to see she works at a freshly squeezed lemonade stand which was very accessible in passing and allowed me to get a glance at her every time I walked past and keep tabs of her comings and goings.  Very beautiful face…..I’d guess she was mid-20s and her dark hair and features reminded me of a heavy-smoking beauty named Ashley I went out with two years ago, although this girl was about 50 pounds lighter than Ashley.  I was confident I’d be seeing more smoking from her…and I was right.

Right after leaving the Jerrod Niemann concert about three hours later, I saw the brunette was not inside the stand for the lemonade and I correctly figured there was only one other place she could be.  Sure enough, she was off near the bathroom smoking again, only this time in the company of the guy from the previous night.  This posed another logistical challenge for me as I had to stand next to the dumpster to watch her smoke without getting detected, with him in the way for much of the sighting.  I noticed she was really getting touchy-feely with the guy and wondered if they were a couple.  I dismissed it as a hot girl getting off on stringing a guy along by handling him and making him think she was into him.  Either way, she was back to her frustratingly slow smoking pace in his presence.  I did get to see about four more of her trademark drags and cloudy exhales, including a shorter version of her epic dangling drag from the early evening.  It was such a pretty face to see such cigarette gymnastics emerge from.  But alas, the awkwardness of the setting forced me to walk away before I’d prefer to…

And only like a half hour later, I’d spot the same couple again on yet another smoke break.  This girl really has herself a problem…albeit of the most adorable variety.  And this time there was no ambiguity whether they were into one another as they were sitting there making out with freshly lit cigarettes in hand, tasting each other’s ashtray mouths.  I stood and watched the show for about a minute but since so little smoking was going on and my positioning was still bad, I aborted yet again, seeing the last of her tonight but being reasonably confident the next two nights would produce more sightings from her.

The show continued Friday night as I found myself in a quandary at around 9:45 p.m. as right as the huge crowd from the evening’s Ted Nugent grandstand concert was departing, my lemonade stand girl was making her first appearance of night, and she was alone!  My findings thus far persisted as solo sightings of lemonade stand girl were fantastic while group sightings of her were frustrating as hell because she smoked at a tortoise’s speed.  No such problem here as I got a full cigarette sighting with nicely paced drags, including a couple of brief dangling drags, solid hold times, and stunningly gorgeous exhales.  The initial blast of smoke escaped her beautiful face and was followed up by a great residual exhale from both mouth and nose.  On occasion, even the third breath would produce some final smoke spillage.  There was no inconspicuous location to observe this greatness but hovering next to a dumpster and watching her from slightly behind at a side angle served me well.  She was wearing tan leggings tonight and pulling them off just as well as the black leggings the night before.  It was a great seven-minute show and every drag was a party for the eyes, featuring some variation of that residual spillage on nearly every drag. She got up and returned to the lemonade stand when she was done, and an hour or so later I’d see her out smoking again, although this time with her favorite boy of the carnival, resting her pretty head on his shoulder and smoking at a glacial pace again.  For those keeping score, that puts her up to six cigarettes over three nights so far at the county fair, making her one of the most prolific addicts of recent years and raising her stock significantly for my year-end countdown.  I also officially got the brand as I was able to ID the butt she discarded after that first sighting.  It was a Marlboro Light 100.

The festivities continued around 10 p.m. on Saturday night as well when a known nicotine entity would deliver for me again.  I was walking near the main bathroom structure on the grounds and found two people approaching…..the lemonade stand brunette beauty and her loverboy.  And I happened to catch her in mid-dangle as she walked, puckering up her lips on her long freshly lit Marlboro Light 100 for another of her incredible dangling drags.  I’ve always been fascinated when smoking comes this naturally to girls…when it’s clear that it is so ingrained in their lifestyle that it effectively becomes another part of their anatomy.  I knew that since this girl was in the company of the guy it would ultimately be another slow smoking show and it eventually became one, but not without one more display of epic bells and whistles once the two of them sat down in their favorite spot on the grass.  She was leaning back and forth, using her black leggings-draped ass as the fulcrum for her anatomical see-saw, her cigarette dangling from her mouth for a good 30 seconds that offered up the entire anthology of yumminess that comes with dangles, including a dangling drag, a dangling exhale with blasts of smoke gushing from her nose while the cigarette still hung in her mouth, and then a talking dangle as she briefly conversed with the boyfriend with the smoke still wisping from her beautiful face.  Unfortunately, as soon as the cigarette was removed from her mouth, everything memorable about this sighting was past tense as she reverted to a conventional smoking style and did it agonizingly slowly while chatting with the guy.  I found a bench a fair distance away and watched what I could, but nothing else even remotely lived up to her opening histrionics.  About a half hour later, the same two were out smoking another round of cigarettes.  This was her eighth cigarette that I was witness to during the duration of the local county fair, and bear in mind that it was late Wednesday before I even saw her the first time!  Eight cigarettes is right up there with the highest cigarette count I’ve ever seen from an FCF girl over the course of five days, and it’s just incredible that it came from such a gorgeous girl.

Partly as a function of my grandma living across the street from the fairgrounds and my mom and I visiting her on the Sunday afternoon that marks the official final day of the county fair, I typically get a final half hour at the fair on Sunday when I walk across the street to see what’s shaking.  I didn’t see any new girls but I wasn’t shut out of sightings completely as some old favorites were there smoking another round.  The lemonade stand brunette and her loverboy were smoking again, making this the ninth cigarette I saw her smoke at this year’s fair which is a new record at my local fair.  Three blond fair workers who also smoked seemed to be in that spot having a cigarette fairly regularly over the course of the week too, but the brunette had exponentially more IT factor than the blonds to the point of rendering the other two forgettable.  Whatever the case, two of the blonds were there smoking with the brunette and the guy, and they were passing around a half a watermelon they were picking at while smoking.  As usual when my brunette is smoking in the company of others, it was slow going but I sat at the tables and watched from afar for a few minutes.  That was all I got on Sunday, but it was a nice ribbon to tie up the arc of the most prolific smoker girl in FCF history with.  There’s no guarantee she’ll be back working the lemonade stand again next year, but I’ll certainly be looking for her to see if she is continuing to smoke up all the tobacco plants in Kentucky.


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