FCF #17. Sweet Mid-Teen Cutie Smokes In The Midway In Front Of Her Parents

My friend Corey attended all the evening grandstand concerts at the 2014 county fair with me, but he got tired in the middle of the low-energy Tuesday night show and left about 20 minutes before the concert got over.  I was feeling under the weather myself that night, drug down by a stomach bug, but definitely not sick enough to forgo fair sightings week!  When Corey left early, I decided to start my sightings exploration of the grounds a little ahead of schedule as well and one of the first places I went was the midway. Quickly after entering the midway, I took note of this family that included a very sweet-looking mid-teen light brunette daughter wearing a below-the-belt ensemble that grabbed my attention…..a skin-tight pair of medium-blue jeans worn in a way that only a mid-teen girl can with a pair of black leather boots with a high heel that snugly wrapped around her lower legs.   I stopped to admire for a few moments because she stood out even amongst a fairgrounds full of hot teen girls both because of her beauty and because of that jeans and boots ensemble, but the thought of smoking never even crossed my mind so I pressed on into the midway….

About 10 minutes later after scoring a couple decent sightings, I ventured back the direction I came from in the midway and saw the sighting of the night…and she was a familiar face and a familiar lower body.  The mid-teen girl in the tight jeans with the form-fitting black leather boots was actually smoking….in the company of her family!  I was kicking myself for not being around for the light-up on this one, but as sick as I was it was probably for the best or my poor feverish body might have collapsed if I had been present to see this most unlikely mid-teen light brunette cutiepie, whose face was every bit as adorable and as unlikely to be a smoker as her tight and relatively petite young body, light up a cigarette.  What made this sighting most fascinating was the family dynamics.  On the bench was the 15-16ish daughter and the nonsmoking dad.  Mom was lingering to the side, and in front of the bench was a lanky, awkward 18-19ish older brother who was also smoking a younger sister who looked about 10 who was not.  Neither parent was smoking yet the two kids publicly were, including the underage daughter.  She had yet to take a drag but just seeing her sit there with the half-smoked cork filter so close to those tight jeans almost made my knees buckle….

But then she did take that first drag and it was spectacular, ingesting a good four seconds worth of smoke before tilting her head up with a pleasured look on her face and exhaling skyward….straight into the face of her baby sister who was standing there.  I’m assuming that was an accident, but nothing was said by way of disgust by the younger sister or of apology by the smoker girl.  Any doubt that I had stumbled into an FCF classic was now removed.  It was dark and I didn’t want to tell on myself by turning my camera flash on, but I still had to get a snapshot of this.  The photo is blurry but it will nonetheless preserve this moment in time forever more.  The family began noticing my awkward lingering presence so I had to venture a small distance away to an open bench that still provided me a nice vantage point to her remaining drags.  Nobody got it in the face from her subsequent exhales but they were still a pure joy to watch, especially knowing she had the freedom to smoke in the immediate presence of her parents.  All too quickly, the show ended with a final drag.  She bent over and stubbed out the cigarette for a few seconds on the pavement below the bench, and only then sat upright again, tilted her head skyward with a look of pleasure on her face, and released another beautiful smoke missile into the night sky.  As down as I sometimes get about the decline of smoking in modern culture, the fact that a sighting like this can still play out at my county fair in the year 2014 means I’ll still have a few good days to come in this life.  The family got up and left a few moments later and I zipped on over to check out her discarded cigarette butt.  It was a full-flavor Marlboro Menthol.

And while the smoking part of this sighting was done, I’d see the brother and sisters several more times Tuesday evening and it filled in a couple blanks regarding the context.  The brother and sister were sitting on a bench quietly outside the beer gardens the next time I saw them, and I figured they must have been waiting for the parents inside the beer gardens.  It was such a joy to see that innocent-looking girl in her tight jeans and boots sitting there and knowing she was an addicted cigarette smoker.  On my next pass, all three kids were lingering near the beer gardens entrance and the dad was talking to them out the door, asking about “their mother” and confirming that this was a family dynamic as suspected.  The dad then proceeded to fork over some money to the kids, with my favorite girl en route to picking up a “walking taco”.  I wouldn’t see them again that night but hoped for sightings later this week that I unfortunately would not get.  I stayed sick for the next couple of days but didn’t notice one symptom during those erotic moments I watched her smoke.  Even for just a few minutes, she was enough to make a sick man well again.

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